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Times Square, New York City

Instagram photos and videos at Times Square, New York City

At NAN Corporate meeting w/ NYC Progressive leaders on some big NYC plans. Allen Roskoff my friend for years was among the leaders.
THIS IS A WARNING for my co-workers — I will be outing you on social media if you don’t keep your trash/recycling/compost straight. And I’ll tell  @leonardodicaprio ... so shape up! I want clean water and air, less waste and greed. I’m human and care for the earth. It’s the only one we have. Thank you. #psa #warning #greenpolice @lisahayesmakeup I love you.
the city that never sleeps. 🌙

Трек уже доступен на всех площадках:
Prod. by @iamflexyboy & @realclaudemoney
Cover by @gallery_provence
Mixed and mastered by @a_mastering 
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Большие шоу в столицах: Москва — 27 апреля, Питер — 28 апреля. Билеты на эти и другие концерты:
Never serious my dears
El team 🤘🏼
Go check out my interview with @radargram we go into my book and working with Jennifer Lopez, top model and more ! #dwylol #nyc #umodels #umodels #antm #allsaints
Blessed to see another year🙏🏽... happy birthday to me 🎉
No Turnin Bacc Drops In A Hour I Hope Y’all Ready 😈
concrete jungle .
#morning in #newyork 💗
New York 🇺🇸
I’m standin at the top of where you 💂🏿‍♀️’s climbing to reach 🥵🥵
Out here in New York
Enjoying the moment ❤️🏙
You ever miss someone you met once? ☹️💓
I ain’t friggin sleepin
Lightly 🔥. @nct127 / @strahanandsara / @carlaphall
happy happy happy ! 🏙
City tings 🌃
Traveled all the way to New York just to eat some more pasta🍝
212 🗽🇺🇸 #tbt
That’s K-Pop sensation @nct127 backstage with our @ginger_zee!! #NCT127onGMA