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JAPAN! Thanks for two amazing shows 🙌 Up next, Australia!
I will 👏🏻never 👏🏻get tired of seeing my work in fans’ photos, and playing a little part in their memory of seeing their favorite artist. At the top of this year I said I wanted to do more custom. There’s some serious power in the words you speak- it set forth an inbox full of requests. Fast forward through a full year of custom pieces to Hurricane Michael... Right as I was driving into the dead zone (no cell service), @thepaytonproject calls me and calmly says, “@bonjovi wants a jacket and we’re designing it for him.” She then derails the convo talking about a 66’ mustang & I’m so confused but I’m listening. Turns out she wasn’t derailing, Payton had already TAKEN THE MATERIAL from her dad’s 66’ mustang to use on the heart on this jacket. I get back to Nashville a week later ready to roll into red carpet week, and ended up co-designing a jacket for Jon Bon Jovi as one of my last custom pieces for the year.⠀
I made wings out of white suede and the dagger out of a cotton-backed silk, which I also snuck into the inside of the jacket as a liner. I kept telling her “five more minutes!” (It was way longer) because I wanted to add white leather to the cuffs but she knew we needed to get it shipped in time to debut in Japan. This is the end result- debuted on-stage in Tokyo for 55,000 people.⠀
Thankful to create pieces that have stories with you, Payton 😘#paytonxkrystal⠀
#THINFStour #rockstarstatus #bonjovi
If you notice LA feeling a little sunnier, it’s because @sarabsingh is back home after eight months on the @taylorswift Reputation tour with @charli_xcx. His drumsticks have taken him around the world, as we always knew they would, but his soul has taken him into places few have such reliable passport: the heart of all he meets, the bright part of everyone’s day. There’s nothing like watching your little brother shine into his truest light, be it on the couch watching cheesy ‘80s movies or at Wembley Stadium with his iconic dome on the arena screen. The time and place doesn’t matter, it all feels the same when you’re this true. My pride in this human has nothing to do with his accomplishments, but one: being so good at just being, at showing up in the moment, no matter the moment. Little Love is so lucky you exist, and that you are home. Thank you to everyone on the #reputationstadiumtour for keeping you safe and warm. We love you, Sarab, always have, always will!!! Welcome home!!!
‪Going to our show in Tokyo?! Don’t forget to tag us in your pics and use our official tour hashtag #THINFStour. We’ll see you soon 🙌‬
#reptourtokyo #20181120 
ここから長文です☺️ まずオープニングアクトから最高だった!
最初Charli xcxていや誰?(ごめんなさい)て感じだったけど、パフォーマンス聞いたら知ってる曲たくさんで興奮した!
Look what you made me doの時、おっきいヘビが出てきてすごかった🐍
You belong with meとかLove storyとか昔の曲も歌ってくれていろいろ込み上げるものがありましたはい。
みんなで1, 2, 3 Let’s go bitchて言えたのも良かった叫んだ笑
からのShake it offは盛り上がり最高だった。ほんとにすべてが楽しかった。
I know placesはギターとのマッチが綺麗で素敵だった。
Shaking my headて歌詞の時に頭振ってるの可愛すぎた。
ふと放ったI love you guysの一言はダメージが大きすぎたI love you tooだよおお。
Thank you for the most amazing concert ever. 
#reputationtour #tokyo
Here is a toast to my real friends🥂🍾
@taylorswift @taylornation .
#reputation #reputationstadiumtour #repTourTokyo #taylorswift
*comes to tokyo. catches wind that t-swift is performing her last reputation tour in tokyo in a couple days. spontaneously buys tickets* @taylorswift @taylorswift @taylorswift @taylorswift @taylorswift @taylorswift
and that’s a wrap for the Rep tour! much love and gratitude to the queen legend @charli_xcx for having me on this ride and  @taylorswift and her amazing gang for putting this amazing circus together and being so warm and gracious and loving towards us this whole year!! ❤️❤️🙌🏾🙏🏾✌🏾#reputationstadiumtour 📸 @mattbillingslea
I did something... not bad but spontaneous/crazy/worth every penny 🐍
✨We laughed. We 😭. We held each other tight. We also gave Tokyo everything we had tonight. I never know how to sum up the end so, I’ll simply say THANK YOU. @taylorswift ; You.are.a.🦄 and I love you. Tour mates;💖. Fans; 🥰REPUTATION 🐍 Grateful.✨
In my 22, I finally experienced @taylorswift concert tour that I've been hoping hers should be my first international artist that I could attend. I really have a wonderful night last tuesday, it'll always be flawless. One achieved, what's next?

My feels. Ps the 13 in my hand shows too omg 😭😭😭😭 #taylurking #reptourtokyo #reputationstadiumtour
Holy shit. Where do I start? @taylorswift #reputationstadiumtour #reptourtokyo
Fill the blank space plss 😜😜 #reptourtokyo #taylorswift
It’s so hard to believe that tonight will be the last time we wear these costumes, play this set list, do this choreography, and then say goodbye to the Reputation Stadium Tour. Thank you to the crowds that have lit up our year. We do this last one for all of you. ❤️ PS make sure to scream loud for @mariawada and @maho_udo tonight!! Their families are here and this is their hometown show 💥💥💥💥💥💥
📷: @junsatophoto // @gettyentertainment
repuation stadiamtour DAY1終了〜!
REP ROOMに呼ばれるとか夢だと思ってたけど身近な人で何人か行ってたし、2日目頑張ろ😤
last two shows... taking it all in 🔹👐🏻🔹 #reputationstadiumtour
📷: @eddie24d
Every time we glance or look at each other we share a grin, a special moment, an expression that we just love what we’re doing. This is just 1 of a million genuine moments that we’ve shared on that stage all year. And so in your very own words from my ridiculous phone call to my mom...I now say to you: “I feel so lucky to get to perform alongside people who love it this much.” Now I’m giving you this SAME look as we go out there and KILL these last 2 shows of The Reputation Stadium Tour! 🙌🏾💪🏾👏🏾#reputationstadiumtour
Tokyo was a blast! Next stop: Hiroshima 🇯🇵 #JapanAllStarSeries
Samurai Japan vs. MLB All-Stars! YATTAAAAA.