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got a bit wobbly tonight🖤❤️
A win is a win is a win
Three cheers for Brinksy!
Go hawks!! Pt2.
‪Colliton walked to the podium smirking and whistling. Everyone thinks that game was insane. #Blackhawks ‬#chicagoblackhawks #nhl
Just another crazy awesome Hawks Win 🖤🏒 #hawks #blackhawks #chicagoblackhawks #NHLBlackhawks #LetsGoHawks #OneGoal #showtime
(Sorry missed a goal on the Blackhawks side Saad scored a goal as well) Blackhawks defeat the Senators 8-7 in an exciting game. Forward Patrick Kane extends his point streak to 18 games and assist streak to 17 games. Alex Debrincat had a 5 point night and a hat trick! Unfortunately Kahun comitted his first penalty of the season ending the streak. Blackhawks are now just 1 point out of the playoffs.
WHAT. A. GAME! This was the most exciting game I have watched in a while . Hawks take down the Sens 8-7 ! Hawks are now Currently 1 Point Out of a Playoff Spot! LETS GO HAWKS!
Just another Manic Monday
The Cat sure loves hats 🧢🧢🧢
This game has had crazy offense and this @brinksy97 @enterprise hatty had a lot to do with it.
Go hawks!
First Hawks game 😎 we love you @danny.lantz 🤘🏼🤘🏼 🙏🙏#chicagoblackhawks
Monday kinda moods with @nhlblackhawks & my friend’s 1st game @unitedcenter! Congrats @brinksy97 on the hat trick & Kaner on extending the point streak! 🎩 🏒 👏
#chicago #nhl #blackhawks #sports #travel #chicagogram #unitedcenter #shinethroughthenoise 📸 @AkashaLin
Let’s go hawks! @nhlblackhawks w/ @mogulrachel
| Since most sports are played on one leg, it is VITAL that we develop single leg strength/power in athletes. Here, I have @AlexisGeiger_ demonstrating (3) variations of single leg box hops that I use with my athletes:
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat Hop to Box
1) Begin in a single leg, quarter squat position, with your rear foot elevated.
2) With your lead leg, push through the ground into a standing position. Perform (2) split squats to prime the muscles for hopping.
3) While engaging your core, load your arms and create tension in your lead leg. Hold this position for (2) full counts.
4) Without using countermovement, explode up into the air aiming for full extension of the ankle, knee, and hip.
5) Land on top of the box in a stable position, and make sure that your hips are above the knee.
• The goal is to improve single leg, static strength/power.

Single Leg Double Contact Hop to Box
1) Begin by standing on one leg, with your arms raised above your head.
2) Drop down into a single leg, quarter squat position (as if someone is pulling a rug from underneath you), and swing your arms down and back behind your body.
3) Explode up into the air while swinging your arms up and above your head. Here, we are also aiming for triple extension.
4) Land on top of the box in a stable position, and make sure that your hips are above the knee.
• The goal is to improve single leg strength/power, with an emphasis on vertical ground reaction force.

Single Leg Depth Hop to Box
1) Begin by standing on one leg on top of a plyo box, with your arms raised above your head.
2) Step off of the plyo box and land on your opposite leg, in a quarter squat position, while swinging your arms down and back behind your body.
3) Quickly explode up into the air, while swinging your arms up and above your head.
4) Land on top of the box in a stable position, and make sure that your hips are above the knee.
• The goal is to improve single leg strength/power, with an emphasis on vertical ground reaction force.
#TrainLikeAChamp | #NikeTraining | #OwnTheGame
Just call me ~*~hockeygurl95~*~
Only two players in NHL history have posted a longer assist streak than Patrick Kane’s 17-game run: Wayne Gretzky (23 GP in 1990-91) and Adam Oates (18 GP in 1992-93). #NHLStats
Patrick Kane's point streak, extended to 18 games, easy as tic, tac, toe.
“I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”
(G5, 2011 Playoffs) D. Rose crosses over Jeff Teague for the step-back jumper.
Following Farrakhan can bring you love, peace, and happiness. We know! 
God is the greatest. 
Happy Saviours’ Day. 
At the UC for some hockey tonight! #letsgohawks🏒🥅🚨
My friend Chris
First Blackhawks game thanks to my pumpkin! #chicagoblackhawks
Another night spent at the UC hosting for my favorite @nhl team! The Hawks are only 3 points away from a playoff position with 22 games left! Excited to watch the rest of this season unfold with such an amazing organization 🏒 #chicagoblackhawks #NHL #blackhawksnation #believeinonegoal
We’re in CHITOWN 🦅 with the new @wtp_podcast hat 🤙🏼
A great night at the @nhlblackhawks with @jdrfillinois.  Audrey’s super excited for her first Hawks game! #t1d #t1dlookslikeme #t1ddad #goblackhawks #onegoal
Blackhawks vs Senators tonight @nhlblackhawks @senators @unitedcenter @nhl @nhlnetwork @nhlonnbcsports
The sign made another appearance at a game, but this time in Chicago’s home arena ❤️🏒
It’s #NHLNetwork giveaway night at the @nhlblackhawks game! Post your pictures with #NHLNHawks and be entered for a chance to win a signed bag!
When coach says we get to wear Winter Classic gear 🖤
Planning your workout (and shopping) schedule for the week? Don’t miss out on our next #Blackhawks Fitness event on Saturday, Feb. 23!

The class is a $35 donation to the Blackhawks Foundation and includes a spot in the class, 15% off at the @madhousestoreuc and a chance to win Blackhawks tickets!

Visit to register. 💪🏻🛍🏒
Ace your next trip to the grocery store with this reusable tote bag 🛍 
The first 10,000 fans at #CHIvsOTT will bag one, thanks to @nhlnetwork! #NHLNHAWKS
Week late , but thanks for taking me to chi town to see the Bucks win 🏀
Starting off the Week on the Right foot! Happy Game Day!
#gameday #uc #crewlove #hockey
Kicked off Hockey Week Across America with help from @jamalmayers22 @benjamineager @bollig87 and @bhawktommyhawk at the first #LittleBlackhawks gear fittings! #growthegame #HWAA
here are some hoseok moments that i captured at the concert <3 .....and pls excuse my out of focus in some of the vids uwu there were times when i literally couldn’t see anything cause the girls in front of me were so damn TALL i had to stretch my arms so high and i didn’t even know what i was recording lolz // the last pic is just so y’all can see how tiny i am next to hobi (his real size figure i mean) // ps: baepsae is 10x more disrespectful when u have them thrusting in ur face :(
Excited to go to Chicago Saturday with @greenrunsdeep to see the Bulls/Celtics but a 14-44 team will probably put me to sleep 😴 #EasyDub
LAST CHANCE! Get your raffle tickets for this 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS fully-restored by Corey Crawford NOW 🚘

The raffle ends tonight! #LinkInBio
Always A Great Blessing And Honor To See & Hear A True Man Of God! #SD2019 #GodIsTheGreatest #FreedomOverEverything
GAMEDAY. Hawks take on a weak Senators team that beat the Jets in their last game. Puck drops at 7:30 / CST
🚨Blackhawks Raffle🚨

Stop in and enter to win a Winter Classic-themed ticket package!

One winner will receive a Winter Classic jersey, select Winter Classic merchandise, and two tickets to the Blackhawks vs. Avalanche game on Sunday, 3/24 at the UC. ❄️🏒
Had the best time with this crew this weekend!
We’re going Koekkoek crazy for your birthday @skoeks!
Back in Black
Thank you Brother Minister for your 64 years of Sacrifice ✨#bestsdever | @d_roe 📸 |
It’s game day against the Ottawa Senators at the UC. The Blackhawks are closing out their home stand tonight at 7:30 CT. The Blackhawks are looking to rebound off a 2-5 loss to the Blue Jackets, Blackhawks have won 6 of their last 8 games. Ottawa has won 3 of their last 5 games and just came off an OT win vs the Jets on Saturday. Patrick Kane’s continued his streak against the Jackets on Saturday and is looking to extend it to 18 games. This is the second and final meeting with the Ottawa Senators. Their first meeting Blackhawks won in OT 4-3 in their season opener.
⏩swipe left for head to head matchup
Thanks for 3 great years of sponsorship @capeair
I am inspired by and very proud of every single young giant in this power shot! After today’s message by The Honorable Minister @louisfarrakhan, I can’t wait to watch all of them help to take our Nation to the next level. All Praise is Due to Allah! #SD19CHI #Farrakhan #FarrakhanTwitterArmy
One year ago today I took my first Coca-Cola picture to show one of my friends. Fast forward to today and hundreds of Coca-Cola pictures later and I can’t wait to see how much more I will love and grow within this company over the next year
#IWorkForCokeCA #CocaColaChicago
"Til this day my mother afraid of what I might say, they gon have to kill me mommy I'm not they slave" #sd2019chi  #SavioursDay2019 #FOI
When the Gods build with each other, understand we mean business! Had a beautiful time at the 2019 Saviours’ Day event listening to the wise words of @louisfarrakhan while having the privilege to meet brother @19_keys and building with @_rizzaislam about Chicago & California’s connection through street fraternities. We’re all brothers of the struggle and brothers of the spirit/blood of our ancestors!
#nationofislam #savioursday #knowledgeofself #knowthyself #knowledge #wisdom #understanding #power #unity #structure #stability #love #weallwegot
“For people who had warm memories, winter is never cold to them” #sd19
Oh puck!🚨🚨
O Canada 🇨🇦
Seats so good almost makes up for the hawks losing 🏒
Next Saturday. The cargos invade Chicago. Again. @greenrunsdeep and I are hitting the road as we gear up for the post all-star break @celtics playoff run. Time to paint the city green. Who’s coming with us? #GreenRunsDeep ☘️ 🏀
a few days back when mike yammed on us, giannis too 🔥🔥
Fun family hockey weekend!! #chicagoblackhawks #icecrew #icehockey
hockey boys 🏒
Someone said the hawks were going to win
Happy saviours day🎺
First @nhlblackhawks game this weekend with the siblings, not a bad late birthday present. Also, the girl behind us in the second picture may or may not have been checking me out 🤷🏻‍♂️
#blackhwaks #hockey #nhl #fam #overpricedbeer
Dream come true last night playing in my first NHL game !@bluejacketsnhl
Here he is, The Honorable Minister @louisfarrakhan #islam #farrakhan #noisundays #sd19chi
It finally happened. @k.sherwoodx @bluejacketsnhl #nhl #memorablemoments
No Man should be judged by the friends that he have. But More so by the Quality of His Enemies!!✊🏽 #savioursday2019 #malestylist #blackmen #blackman
Mob ties 😈💯❄️ @nhlblackhawks
one of my fav memory🔥♥️🤘🏼
Original Salute! They wanted to #salute my nephews are still lit 🔥 from their 1st place drill competition! #sd19chi
Happy Birthday to His Airness - Michael Jordan. The greatest athlete of all time. Privileged to visit Chicago and United Center this year to see the place where MJ once dominated.
"The best there ever was, the best there ever will be" - what it says below the statue. Truer words have not been spoken. 🐐

Thank you for everything Air Jordan. ❤

Sorry, it’s hard to catch my vibe. It’s not easy for someone to catch my eye. ✨
At Least the Boys Didnt Drive 270 Miles For Nothing 🏒
last night at the madhouse with pops 🚨
Selfie champions📷! #latergram
W 🤙🏻 #cbj @bluejacketsnhl
The Blackhawks may not have won, but I did 😍
Hawks goals from last nights loss to CBJ. Hawks take on the sens tomorrow at the UC.
1997 #GoSpursGo David Robinson vs #BullsNation Michael Jordan staredown “Make The Right Call” MJ scored 29 points and made the final basket of regulation, OT and double OT, lifting the Chicago Bulls to an 87-83 victory over the San Antonio Spurs. .
#chicagobulls #michaeljordan #philjackson #mj #bulls #23 #airjordan #jordan #jumpman #scottiepippen #nike #seanelliott #jordanbrand #chicago #airjordan13 #retro13 #dennisrodman #sneakerhead #nbafinals #stevekerr #mj #davidrobinson #timduncan #mikeanddrewsports #duncan #sanantoniospurs #sanantonio #spurs
Happy Saviours Day 🤲🏽!
Some throwback 🎨 on this, the day the 🐐 was birthed 🙌
Blackhawks goals for the night. 
1. Patrick Kane (assisted by DeBrincat and Strome)

2. Jonathan Toews (assisted by Gustafsson and Kane)
Blackhawks fall at home
Blackhawks Baby🖤❤️🖤
late Happy Valentine’s Day to my babe!! thanks for making this week so special ❤️ wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else
His level of sexiness when he plays guitar during this song: 💯. 📽 by me
As warm-ups wrapped up, Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin shot a few pucks at each other before getting off the ice 🤣 #hawks #blackhawks #chicagoblackhawks #NHLBlackhawks #LetsGoHawks #OneGoal #showtime #panarin #kane #9 #88
‪“So... You coming back here?”‬ #blackhawks #cbj #patrickkane #panarin #chicagoblackhawks #chicagoblackhawksnation #nhl
Huge Chicago people
Happy to be working my 100th #blackhawks game tonight.

#nhl #chicagoblackhawks
‪A man made entirely out of bread is rumored to be in the United Center. #Blackhawks ‬#chicagoblackhawks #chicagoblackhawksnation #nhl #cbj
bud light wives. happy late birthday i love you remember ~ that’s hot ~
Over a year later, and @hoops4hart has finally won! 🏀 1-15
In honor of the best duo and Panarin coming to play in Chicago tonight. 🍞
#blackhawks #patrickkane #artemipanarin
Spreadin’ the ❤️🖤
What's your favorite silverware? Cause I like to spoon 
Brent Seabrook | Chicago Blackhawks
#hunksofhockey #iwouldpuckwithyou #blackhawks #believeinonegoal #nhlblackhawks #chicagoblackhawks #nhl #chicago @nhlblackhawks
Blackhawks take on the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight at 7:30 CT. The Blackhawks have been 8-1-0 in their past 9. With a win tonight Blackhawks can move within 1 point of a playoff spot. The Columbus Blue Jackets have been very hot as well winning 4 of their past 5. The Jackets lost their last game Thursday night in a shutout 0-3 against the Islanders. Patrick Kane extended his point streak Thursday night to 16 and is looking to add to that streak to 17. He also has an assist streak of 15 looking on to a 16 game assist streak. This is their final matchup with the Blue Jackets, their first matchup Blackhawks won 4-1 where Kane scored twice.
⏩swipe left for head to head matchup
MVP and @sonsofbasket -
#FearTheDeer 🏀🦌🇬🇷
❤️my valentines🖤
Wild night last night at the Blackhawks game with my sis.  But always gotta be prepared just in case...Valentine’s Day.....Kiss Cam....Sister... enough said. #onegoal @nhlblackhawks
I know it’s not goalies but thought I’d post it @njdevils
Corey Schneider, I don’t know of any other Goalie that uses equipment from all of these different manufacturers @njdevils @ccmhockey @vaughncustomsports @bauerhockey @warriorgoalie @goaliegearnerd @thegoalnet @goalie_gear_gram @daveart @thehockeynews @nhl
Back to CHI for sports & snow
Turned the UC into a classroom for @FutureGoalsSTEM today 💯
Run it BACK turbo 💫
STEM + hockey = best school day ever 💯

Big thanks to @futuregoalsstem, @everfi @mehs207 @bhyouthhockey and our helpers @cmurphyy5 @dcaggiula94 @dylstrome19 @dkahun21 @hayds51 @erikgustafssson @bhawktommyhawk ‼️
Good Times at @unitedcenter last night watching the @njdevils and @nhlblackhawks 😈NHL Arena 15!🏒Thanks for the Club hookup cuz!!🙌And it was so cool Meeting Up with a couple Fellow Fans from the #Devils Facebook Group!🍻
#NHL #NewJerseyDevils #ChicagoBlackhawks #Hockey #Faceoff #UnitedCenter #Chicago #Illinois #ChicagoStadiumClub #LexusClubLevel #ChicagoTrip2019 #NJDevils #DevilsAllDayAllNight #WillTravelForHockey #Sports #SportsFan #HockeyFan #Blogger #DesiredTastes
Roxbury Raised..
Happy Valentine’s Day to the only man who can convince me to wear Satan paraphernalia. I love you, Brian 😘❤️
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
The Blackhawks are sweet,
The score was 5-2 ❣️
Patrick Kane eclipsed Stan Mikita (14 GP from Nov. 26 – Dec. 25, 1967) for longest assist streak in @nhlblackhawks franchise history. 
He also became the 7th different player in NHL history to record an assist in 15 or more games in one season. #NHLStats
Tag your Love Bird!
tic-tac-toe perfection 🙌
#NJDevils on the board first 😈
Congrats on 1K, Kuni! #1Kunitz
1,000 games and FOUR Stanley Cups. Chris Kunitz has had a CAREER thus far. Congrats! #1Kunitz
Ready for #NJDvsCHI
@njdevils facing a lot of #14’s 😳here in Chicago! @erika.wachter on now puck drop 8:30 on @msgnetworks #njdevils #msgnetworks
Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕 Let’s make it a date! See you at 8PM ET on MSG+2 as we get you set for Devils-Blackhawks! 😈❤️
Behold: The fuzziest blanket of all time❣️ You heard us.

The first 10,000 fans at tonight’s game will take one home, thanks to @athletico_pt!
Happy Valentine’s Day from your Chicago Luvabulls! #zennioptical #luvabulls
Played street hockey with the neighborhood kids when I was 9 years old // 20 years later we link with one of Chicago’s own - Thank you @nhlblackhawks for supporting your community // The future is bright 🏒
Tag someone who makes you smile 😄
HBD @hayds51 🎈🎈🎈
Great team win going into All Star break! #runwithus #51 #duhhhbulls #teamwork
Final 📊

Avery Bradley: 15 points, 5 rebounds
@jaren: 12 points 
@mac11: 12 points, 5 assists
@masfresco: 12 points 
@JValanciunas: 12 points, 7 rebounds
@delonwright: 12 points, 5 assists
1st half flicks 📸

Halftime 📊

@jvalanciunas: 10 points, 6 rebounds
@jaren: 10 points 
@mac11: 8 points, 4 assists 
@brunofive: 8 points, 4 rebounds
@delonwright: 8 points
Homecoming pick pocket 🔒🏠
Rawle Alkins is suited up for the @chicagobulls tonight! 😤 #WindyCityNation
The Greek Freak recorded his 12th game of the season with 25 PTS, 15 REB and 5 AST tying @SHAQ in 2001 for the most in a single season since 1976-77!! #FearTheDeer (via nbastats/TW)

I been a bad b*tch, Cockiana!
Harder, better, faster, stronger 💪

Otto Porter can ball. 
#bullsigtakeover x @zennioptical x @zoerainphoto
This is everything!! #FearTheDeer
Just want to feel liberated, I, I, I
I just want to feel liberated... #FearTheDeer
😱 No one man should have all that power!! #FearTheDeer
Get buckets. 
#bullsigtakeover x @zennioptical x @zoerainphoto
Welcome To The Good Life.

Don’t let me get in my zone. 
With this triple, Brook Lopez breaks his own record for most 3-pointers made in a season by a true center in NBA history (135)!! #FearTheDeer
Thank you for the warm reception, @chicagobulls. Love our city! 🐻 x 🐂
Big one tomorrow ! Lets keep it going 💪💪 #chicago #blackhawks #24
Great team win on the road tonight fellas. #KeepFighting NEVER GIVE UP 💪🏿
Touch the sky, @louwillville!
@DwyaneWade dug into his bag of tricks during his final performance in Chicago!

Wade scored 14 off the bench and finished with a team-high +16 rating.