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Victoria, British Columbia

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Hurrah, spring is in the air and in my studio!! I can’t tell you just how good it feels to be creating in it again.  The warmer temperatures inspired this sweet #sewliberated #matchatop, from @harts_fabric, in @libertylondon tresco tana lawn cotton that it has me thinking I’ll make it again but with flutter sleeves, tucked into high waisted jean cut-offs, and finished off with a pair of converse kicks. How old am I? I’m reminded once again that dressing your age was so 2018😂. This #matchatoppattern is incredibly versatile and the collar detail and gathering is just 👌🏼💕. Bravo @sewliberated, you had me at matcha!
Happy Easter everyone. xo
now that coachella is over I’m going to sleep for a month. thank you and goodnight
just lovin it
#FlashbackFriday to last week when we presented rookie d-man @lambnoah44 with his 1st goal plaque! Lamb scored his 1st career @westernhockeyleague goal in Game 5 of Round 1 vs the Blazers!
Wish you well, see you in hell👋🏽
Got tired of trying normal poses😂
I could use a six month vacation.. twice a year 💆🏻‍♀️✈️
little baby ice cream 🍦
Phenomenal year with the lads 🏆
‘Cause everyday I let go
Gotta love baby’s
We made a bread to celebrate Easter, or spring, or sunshine or friends or whatever! It is just a bit sweet and filled with rosemary, orange blossom water and orange zest, filled out by a robust sourdough flavour. The crust is softened with clarified butter and rolled in sugar and orange zest. 
It’s based off the lovely pan de meurto I had at @panaderiarosetta last year and uses a formula similar to the spanish easter bread, Mona.

Tomorrow only! 8-4 at the bakery or 10-12 at Moss St Market.
my toronto girlies are back soon, and I can’t wait to see them!! + @kindra.duhaime
I really love this photo of me, but I almost didn’t post it. In high school I cared a lot LESS about what people thought of me. I still remember having bright red hair and being unapologetic about how I expressed myself. I’m not sure if it’s social media, or the things I’ve been through since I left school 4 years ago or what. It’s so hard sometimes to see everyone’s perfect lives on Instagram and not get down on myself about my videos or photography or how I look. Especially how I look. Every time I feel this way I’ve been trying to bring myself back to the thought about growth, flowers and trees grow at different speeds and no one judges them for it. 🌱Self love is a journey, that’s never linear.
beautiful place
🍼🍼 @baariksgallery 💕
Long weekend feels. See y’all downtown tomorrow at 915 👊🏻
A musician works all his life for u to listen to him in a moment of yours 🎼🎸 Pic by: @diegohuizarphotography. 
#music #guitar
The first clink of newly-wedded bliss. We'll cheers to that. @FairmontEmpress #FairmontMoments Photo: @chelseawarrenphotography
✨✨Sparkle sparkle ✨✨ ______________
Glitter from @jazzy_glitter 
Can't remember the rest of the products I used cuz it was so long ago lolol. Wow vry skilled..much informative influencer
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I’ve got the world to go
I truly think the biggest thing I have acquired is my maturity in knowing that if things don’t work out, I will continue on. If I fail, I will try again.⁣
I do fail, I take a breath, put my head down and work harder. I do not relish in the thought of failure. I am comforted by my work ethic, knowing that effort is infinite.⁣
My deepest fear is no longer failure; it is the act of not trying, not seizing every opportunity.⁣
“The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret”⁣