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Big thanks to everyone that came out last week to DBATL 💪🏽 Last show was truly a vibe and it couldn’t have happened without y’all. Special shoutout to all the comedians that blessed the stage as well 🔥 Nothing but fire from start to finish! And as always, much love to my guy @jtcanshoot for the phenomenal photos 📸 Our next show is May 8th, and it’s only gonna get bigger and better so pop out! #dbatl #standupcomedy
Thx @atheeryacoub & @brickspotcomedy for the spot last night!
Snippet of the new song I wrote this month... hoping to make the next one more bright and upbeat like the shirt and shoes I’m wearing in this video (@patty_mazzaa & @polimathic_ *wink wink* I bet they look familiar). Anywhos... hope you enjoy. More shows to come. Thank you for having me @reypurposed 😊✨❤️looking forward to the next one. 
#eclecticzone #vspot 
Also: Big ups to my buddy Tiffany for recording 😝
Beanie by: @pwcollectionsnyc
Four random pics from last night. @thevspotrestaurant #vspotorganic
It's a hard life, but somebody's gotta live it... @thevspotrestaurant #vspotorganic
Angel and Carla always bring the good drinks. @thevspotrestaurant #vspotorganic
Some more friends and family came to send me well wishes. @thevspotrestaurant #vspotorganic
Much love and appreciation to everyone that came out this past Thursday to the last ‘Don’t Be Afraid To Laugh’ of 2018. Thank you to the all the comics that came thru and rocked the stage 🙏🏽 We had a great time and im looking forward to even bigger and better shows in 2019 and beyond 💯 See y’all in January! #dontbeafraidtolaugh #mikeandmarv #vspot 📸: @jtcanshoot
🦁🎄// 📸: @jtcanshoot
I love what I do, and that’ll never change 💯 📸: @jtcanshoot
Duality & Sunday on display for the world to see 😍😲 like what?! I haven’t even taken this in yet... anywhoo go check it out all of November at the Vspot. Tag #artbytaurigiselle if you do 😉!
Life is beautiful & colorful. 
Thanks for having me @reypurposed @thevspotrestaurant 📸 @drroshiniraj
📸: @jtcanshoot
3 Vegans & a Heathen. Last night checked out my brother @torre.washington speak on a panel with these good brothas @domzthompson @badassvegan, they all dispel the myth that you cannot obtain/maintain muscle on a all vegan/plant base lifestyle. I learned that there is no one particular way to be vegan & i also realized I need to get my damn weight up!
📷 @superdopemin next time you get into the pic too.
Maaaannnnn last night was one for the books 🔥 Thank you to EVERYONE who came out and showed love for our first show at the VSPOT Restaurant. And thanks to all the comics who came thru and lit that stage up 🕺🏽 Swipe LEFT to see some shots from last night taken by my guy @jtcanshoot if you haven’t already, BOOK THAT MAN❗️See y’all on Oct 11 😉
Today has been not been super fun, but last night was!  Thank you to @theholbertreport for having me on his show at VSpot!  And super super huge thank you to @chani_lisbon for snapping these pics of me looking stylish and competent!  Your camera lies but thank you so so much! #nyc #comedy #vegan
100% Plants 🌱🍔
The look on mom's fave was worth every bit of the planning! #vspotorganic #vspotstmarks
Galentines Day ❤ because I see my boo thang everyday and I never get to see this gem of a human {or miss my last train home and get stranded in the city} #seemsfitting
A celebratory brunch for my big sis!! Congrats on signing your lease for your first apartment in the city AND accepting your first teaching job on the Upper West Side!! Those are some lucky kindergarteners!! Love you Rach ❤️
Bandeja Paisa, empanada, avocado fries, and a big ass burrito! #100vegan #DinnerDate