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Washington, District of Columbia

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Wow 😮 that is all I can say after last night. Thank you to everyone who came out to hear more about @notesfromayoungblackchef . Thank you @dinediaspora for curating this event!
When someone says Sunkanmi tire po.. this is my face... When I NEVER FINISH‼️
A clip from “All of the Boys”, a new song we’ve been playing out on the road 🎸
Hello? Yes, I am VERY excited that Designated Survivor season 3 hits @Netflix on June 7! BECAUSE I’M ON IT! @designatedsurvivor #DesignatedSisterInLaw
Thank you @voyageatl for featuring me on your inspiring stories collection. Thank you @adrian.caprice and @roosevelt94 for the amazing photos. 💕💕 #dreambig #blacklawyers. Link in bio
C O N T E M P L A T I N G 🎱
Джорджтаун - один из самых престижных и дорогих районов американской столицы, когда-то это была английская колония, а сейчас я влюбилась в него с первого взгляда и шага по его прекрасным, а главное уютным улочкам! 🏘
Все домики сделаны в новоанглийском стиле,на главной улице расположено много кафешек, ресторанов, антикварных лавочек, посольств, книжных магазинов и дорогих бутиков, таких как Gucci, LV, Tory Burch и т.д. - что больше всего меня удивило в таком маленьком городке:)
Многие туристы считают, что район назван по имени первого президента США, но на самом деле, в честь английского короля Георга Джорджа II.
В этом маленьком городке расположен один из самых главных и престижных университетов страны – Джорджтаунский Университет. Это альма-матер многих американских президентов, политиков, сенаторов и других знаменитостей.🏰
Нам очень повезло с погодой, все цвело🌺, зеленело🌿,в воздухе был приятный аромат розочек,мы гуляли весь день, наслаждаясь атмосферой, и под вечер просто не чувствовали ног!
Это место одно из первых в моем списке MUST VISIT и я очень хотела бы пожить там месяцок другой 💓

Листай и наслаждайся! 👉🏼 🌺🌿🏘
Happy 23rd birthday conwhore ⛰🍻 You are my pride & joy, my hero, my heart, and my best friend. Here’s to a billion more years of bopping around together because you are never getting rid of me!
Taking questions from the press before departure to Atlanta. For @nytimes
Cloud nine floatation☁️
What’s good DMV, it’s only 3 days before show time 🔥🚀 Don’t be left out. I’ll be performing at the Coming to America Concert in Washington DC at @theanthemdc,  tickets available on
Or link in @eshoonnashun bio 
Let’s get it 🔥🔥🚀🚀
#pluglife🔌 #davido #deo #deotheplug
Last night, @yaddiya organized the second street go-go following the #dontmutedc campaign gathering THOUSANDS at one the busiest intersections in the city like never done in this generation.

Something that started w/ fighting back after ignorant complaints threatened a cultural cornerstone; has now led to the beginnings of an entire movement to push NATIVE DC/ DMV CULTURE, GO-GO CULTURE, to the forefront.

Stay tuned. What’s loading is historical.

Big shouts again to @yaddiya @bouncebeatkingz @newimpressionz And anyone else who helped make this happen.

All video by me. If you need clips from this vantage point, hit me.
I’m so honored be a part of such a great project. Thank you so much @carlapenns for writing such a riveting novel. @ceoazarel and @megamind_media @hollywoodexec  for producing and @jamalhill_ for taking risk, your vision and having faith in me. I genuinely love every single person involved. We are family now!! Thank you @zvckdavid for making me look good. And words cannot express my gratitude to my glam squad. @terayle_ for being the best Co-lead a woman can ask for. @itscliftonpowell for imparting so much wisdom about the business to me. 
We are making magic together!

Special thanks to @amandanduka_  @deadline 
And @blackfilm_com  For your amazing write ups🤗🤗 Special thanks to @boutiquehush @bosslevel1188 @letbeauty1 @torebelinink @saharamonetimani  @visionmademe 
@king_oscargary @theprincesslifestyle @iloveangel2
pogner des copines sauvages à washington🐯
I’m an old hag now and tbh couldn’t be happier about growing older & wiser babyyy
Yesterday was amazing........🙌🏾 We came together!
@ubiqlife x #BroccoliCityFestival merch will be available at UBIQ in Georgetown and on site at the Festival 🌐✨ TIX ARE STILL AVAILABLE @
Working on core balance with them handstands😬😝
• • • • • •
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
👑Martin Luther King-“Beautiful Music Is The The Art Of Prophets That Can Calm The Agitations Of The Soul, This Is One Of The Most Magnificent And Delightful Presents God Has Given Us”
Sr. Prom was amazing! Thanks for coming with me @maddylindley ❤️
trying to capture all of my happy moments 🌷
happiness comes and goes just as often as the other emotions of life do. that’s why it can feel like a mental battle so regularly.. you’re constantly dealing with different emotions every time you wake up. so when you hear people preaching about “self-care”, they want you to take it seriously - bc believe it or not, it’s something serious. it’s okay to swallow your ego and admit that you need a break. it’s okay to take twenty minutes away from work/responsibilities so you don’t have a break down. it’s okay to admit that it’s too much. it doesn’t mean you’re giving up, that you can’t handle your situation, or that you’re not strong enough. it just means you need some time to fuel back up so you can come back at it stronger. life is all about perception; don’t make things harder for yourself bc your perceptiveness may be narrow. .
can you be your best with no breaks, no sleep, no personal time, and no compassion towards yourself? or can you be your best by giving your best, and allowing yourself time to breathe and come back? #foodforthought #selfcare
Don’t get a City Girl ,get a girl from the City.
I know what you’re looking at... the face on my knee