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wndr museum

Instagram photos and videos at wndr museum

newest yeezy's just dropped- HMU for the connect
she said 😝
cheesin even tho my life is bursting at the seams
mustache or a worm? 🧐
“when you have the love of three close friends it’s so quick to call out shit because i know what love is and... they aint it” -the poem we got at wndr
These r old (also not as mad as I look in the 3rd pic)
Him: babe, these candies are so good! Me: one second.... #thisisus #wndrmuseum #wndrmuseumchicago
chicago’s always a wndr-ful adventure
don’t ask how long it took to get this pic
I WNDR what life would be like without this one 😇
Stop being phone-y.
wishing everyone a wndr-full weekend
Do you ever just..
big smiles :]
the “what came first” is still up for debate

the chicken... or the egg...
We went to see even more art
Silver balls..
Silver balls...
It’s summertime in the city 💥
After a long day of modeling at the #wndrmuseum Rachel and I needed a break for goofiness...
and pose...
Felt cute, might update my Tinder, Grindr, and LinkedIn 🙃
Wndr what I’m going to do never being roommates with Ali again:/
it’s a wndrful life🌼
Is it an O or an A?#wndrmuseum #chicago
How cool is to live in a big city! 🙏🏻 There is always something to do here! Concerts, musicals, museums, exhibitions... anything you want!🙌🏻 Any day of the week there is plenty of activities!  I moved to NYC when I was 17 years old, from a very small town in Adygea Republic, which is located in beautiful Caucasus Mountains, South part of Russia. It’s nice there and the nature is unbelievably beautiful but... my soul belongs to a big city! 🌃 I just love the vibe and energy of big cities! Can’t imagine living a quite life anymore! 🙌🏻❤️ Do you like big cities or rather live in a small town? 
Как же круто, что в больших городах всегда есть куда пойти и на что посмотреть.. Выставки, музеи, мьюзиклы, концерты.. 👌🏻В любой день недели можно придумать себе уйму развлечений! 🙌🏻 Я переехала в Нью-Йорк в 17 лет и, конечно, очень люблю свою малую родину, республику Адыгею и родной посёлок Тульский и безусловно есть своя прелесть в том что живёшь среди гор и красивейшей природы, но... я всё таки, по духу- городская! Обожаю сумасшедшую энергетику и ритм большого города! А что вам ближе? Большие города или уютнее в небольших провинциях?🌃 #bigcitylife #bigcities #lifestylegoals #nyclife #chicagolife