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Yosemite National Park

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One Epic Sunrise 🏔
Hanging out on El Capitan! Would you dare to swing by and try this yourself? 🧗‍♀️ 🏞
📹: @tarasmiling
Newly designed stained glass panel of Yosemite National Park made to custom order😊 Do you like stained glass panels, which illustrated nature?⛰
You could order it on Etsy, using the link in profile ☝️ or writing 📩 Direct.
Новая красочная панель из витражного стекла отображает красоту природы Йосемитского Национального парка, который расположен в штате Калифония. Вам нравятся витражные панели с изображением природы?⛰
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So thankful for 21 turns around the sun! Sooo thank you to everyone whose been a part of my life from then till now. So many memories, so many names, faces, and creatures I can’t thank you all enough. Cheers to 2019 and the adult life. Yewwwwwww!
Had a good time at Yosemite! We all need to do this again! #yosemite #friends
el pasado no es amigo del pesente💫
Golden hour. 🌄
#findyourpark #nationalparkgeek #optoutside
~chasing the sun
Gorgeous views at Yosemite!
📸: @nathanleeallen
Serene mountain views 🏔 
photo: @christianschaffer
via: @wildernesstones
Happy Monday! After a chilled weekend, I’m starting the week FRESH (for once) 🥇
Hey, folks! Happy Friday!
I’ve noticed some new faces over here, and wanted to say HELLO! I’m Kayla, a wedding and portrait photographer!
The lovely @sarahjagerdesign nominated me, so I’m going to write a little bit about myself below! (By the way, if you aren’t already following Sarah, do yourself a favor and follow her. NOW. Her work/creations are innovative, beautiful,  fun, and fresh).
1. The photograph above is from my husband and I’s elopement in Yosemite. It’s one of our favorite places to climb, hike, explore + dream, so it only made sense to elope there! We had loved-ones join us for our ceremony, and the whole day felt like a dream. Photo credits to the talented + amazing @michellelyerly.

2. I'm working towards going zero waste, meaning I won't create ANY trash! I'm passionate about the environment, so I'm trying my hardest to live out what I value, and live with intention, and I think the zero-waste lifestyle helps me do that! If we harm the environment, we're ultimately harming ourselves in a roundabout way.

3. I ADORE wolves. After watching the documentary Living With Wolves by Jim + Jamie Dutcher (I’ve watched it at least three times, and cry every time), I fell in love, and understood them on a much deeper level. Wolves are vital to the health and balance of ecosystems (trophic cascades—look it up, folks!), and are intensely social creatures devoted to their families.

4. The 1975 are my jam. Ever since I listened to their song “Somebody Else,” I tore through the internet, and listened to all of their songs, watched all of their interviews, and went to several of their concerts! I appreciate their aesthetic, honesty, and rawness, and I’m floored by their talent.

5. I’ll eat any and all bagels. Especially everything bagels.
That is all! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! 🌞
Be Spontaneous. // A little over a week ago I had heard about #firefall in #yosemite! For those of you who are unfamiliar, just like I was. For a short time in February, the light from the sun sets on #horsetailfalls. It creates this awe moment which resembles lava or fire flowing down, known as “Fire fall.” It only happens once a year and is definitely worth the experience! Catch me in Yosemite next February! 🤗 #elcapitan
Stars💫Trailing The North Celestial Pole
#stars #northpole #photograpy #moonlight 
It’s a walk through the park 🚶
Will you be implementing mammoths? #JeremiahDay1 #StopFlirting
Good aftermoon
While Alex Honnold was scaling #elcapitan with no rope, the rest of us can only scale it with our eyes 👀 preferably with a pair of sunnies on 😎 #freesolo #yosimite
Gigantic blocks of sheer granite that wake up with the first light of the day
hope i‘ll visit this place once🌌
Oh (el)capitan, my capitan 
The elevation kicked my ass during this hike but it was well worth it🏔
Ein Must-See auf eurer Südwesten-reise: Der Yosemite National Park! ⛰Umgeben von beeindruckenden Bergipfeln bietet das lang gezogene Tal hinter jeder Biegung ein tolles Fotomotiv.📷 Unsere Empfehlung für Naturliebhaber: Eine Wanderung zu den Vernal Falls! 🌲Euch erwartet ein traumhafter Anblick der tosenden Wassermengen. 😍#mycanusa #yosemitenps #visitcalifornia #visittheusa
Beautiful creations ♥️ .
📸 @donsisonphotos @xdonryanx 
#optoutside #yosemitenationalpark
Cada carretera de California te lleva a un lugar lleno de sorpresas, a parajes en los que detenerse y en los que soñar. Y muchas de esas carreteras sientes que ya las has visto en fotografías, películas, documentales o en tu imaginación.
#expedicionpolar #expedicioncalifornia #yosemite
🦋 Thanks @mikedawsy 🦋
Yosemite’s “Firefall” at Horsetail Fall was absolutely breathtaking this year. 📷: @jen_grand
I’m finally moved back into my house in Maryland after leaving my last house in Santa Cruz back in August! The last few months have been so crazy with traveling that it almost feels weird to be in one place for more than a few weeks. But, taking art classes again and preparing to apply for grad school feels like a good reason to settle down, at least for a few months;) THANK YOU to anyone that has helped me along the way. Whether that was keeping me company on the road, feeding me, giving me a bed to sleep on, or all of the above. I feel so grateful to have the support system I do all over the country!!
poucas coisas passavam em minha mente. o agora sempre estava presente. 
saudade grande de tudo aquilo que vi e até do que não vi mas já tem um espaço grande aqui dentro.
god is a woman & this is yosemite valley
I really miss being gone
The very beautiful and rare "Firefall" in Yosemite National Park is back for a few days and we are now being blessed with so many amazing shots of the sunset giving a waterfall a stunning orange glow as if lava was flowing down the cliff ! 🏔🌅🇺🇸 Tell us which of these 5 shots you like the most and don't forget to tag people who should see them !
Photo 1 : @neilbennett3 
Photo 2 : @eye.c
Photo 3 : @glennleerobinson
Photo 4 : @rodtrvn 
Photo 5 : @erubes1
California dreamin’
mather mems with mather mates
Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us🦋 
Sometimes things don’t make sense and it can be hard not to feel defeated but there’s always a plan! You just have to trust the process🙏🏼 and be grateful for what you do have in this moment 💕
#grateful #health #healing #paleolife #selflove
A few aya of snow followed by blue skies at Yosemite National Park - beautifully captured by @erubes1 | #viewbug your best shots to be featured | #yosemitepark #yosemite_national_park
This special moment left @mena_shootz in awe of Mother Nature!
📌 #YosemiteNationalPark
📷 @mena_shootz
#voyaged #travel #adventure
“When we see a piece of art, we see behind the art and to get a glimpse of what the artist is like...In the same way when we see creation we see behind the creation and get a picture of what the creator is like" - John Mark Comer
So exited to show everyone these pics that @Maggie_dimarco and I made! Thank you to our amazing team for making this happen! 🎣🌾 #magandmegplaywithdirt
Odds I climb it
Disheveled to another level 📸: @charcass4 #35mm
Me and my friends, yeah
Another road trip is needed 🚐🏞
#yosemite #roadtrip #yosemitenationalpark #bambi
Missing the warm breeze in my hair and the sun on my shoulders. 📸: @larsinmotion wearing @kesnyc
Half Dome in color infrared. Found in a folder of unedited images that sadly have piled up over the years. #infraredphotography #infraredphoto #halfdome #yosemitenationalpark #hikephotography
still in awe of this place
Name your favorite Yosemite National Park destination👇 For us, Glacier Point takes the cake.
📸: @franewreck #autocampyosemite
That one inappropriate couple ✨🏔😬 ( swipe for Gus’s bad bitch pose ) 🤷🏽‍♀️
So many amazing views walking around the Yosemite Valley
Introducing #zeriasintothewild
Went off the grid for a couple hours with @zeri_mar and @stellamaudedog
You could say it was cool as snow. #zerias
encontre a mini ET sendo engolida pela neve 😂⛄️ #californianne
Hands up for nature 
maybe I really should go outside more often 🌲
Trying to get these puny leg muscles of mine ready for some not so puny hiking
Afortunadamente, la caída de fuego de Yosemite 2019 no decepcionó. Durando no más de 10 minutos, cientos de visitantes de Horsetail Fall presenciaron la vista espectacular. Para aquellos de nosotros que no pudimos estar allí, muchas personas compartieron sus fotografías en Instagram.
#nature #yosemite #california #explore #travel
El mes de febrero es una época mágica del año para estar en el Parque Nacional Yosemite. Por solo unos pocos días, un fenómeno natural llamado caída de fuego es visible en Horsetail Fall en el borde este de El Capitán. Durante este tiempo, la Madre Naturaleza nos juega un truco visual y hace que la famosa cascada parezca que está en llamas. Desde algunos ángulos, parece que la lava está escupiendo sobre el acantilado.
#nature #yosemite #california #explore #travel
⛰🧗‍♂️ #FreeSolo, ganador del Oscar a Mejor Documental, ha llegado a España de mano de @natgeoespana y ya está disponible en Movistar+.
Fotoğrafta gördüğünüz El Capitan, ABD’nin Yosemite Ulusal Parkı’nda bulunan 900 metre yüksekliğinde, dünyanın tırmanması en zor kayalarından biri.⛰ Bu haftaya, sevgili @tunapatir’ın önerisi, geçtiğimiz günlerde En İyi Belgesel Oscar’ını kazanan, @alexhonnold’un El Capitan’a ip kullanmadan yaptığı tırmanışı anlatan Free Solo’dan ve @everchanginghorizon’un bu muhteşem karesinden aldığımız ilham ile başlıyoruz.💪🎬 Sporla ilgilenen, ilgilenmeyen herkesin, Alex Honnold’dan ve bu gerçek hikayeden öğreneceği çok şey var.✌(Yazının linkini de Bio’ya koyduk.)
⛰@freesolofilm, en iyi gerilim filmlerini aratmayacak gerginlikte, müthiş görüntülerle dolu bir belgesel, aynı zamanda izleyenlere oldukça ilham veren özel bir hikaye.
⛰Belgeselin başında El Cap’ı kendine en büyük amaç olarak belirleyen ve 8 senedir bu tırmanışa hazırlanan Alex Honnold’la tanışıyor ve sıradışı hayatına tanıklık ediyoruz.
⛰Free Solo, başarılı ve ünlü National Geographic fotoğrafçısı Jimmy Chin, eşi Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi ve ekipleri tarafından çekilmiş.
⛰Çekimde görev alan ekibin tamamı dağcı ve tırmanışın çekimini El Capitan’ın belli bölgelerine iple ve Alex Honnold’u rahatsız etmeyecek şekilde konumlanarak gerçekleştirmişler.
⛰Belgeselin sonunda ise Alex’in El Cap tırmanışını müthiş görüntüler eşliğinde, midenize kramplar girerek, yerinizde duramayarak izliyorsunuz.
⛰Free Solo, bir dağcılık belgeseli olmaktan öte, bir insanın odaklandığında ve kendini adadığında neler başarabileceğini gösteren, izleyen herkesin kendi hayatından bir şeyler bulacağı ilham verici bir hikaye.
Detaylar’da, link Bio’da!📲
📷: We thank @everchanginghorizon for this amazing photo.🙏
#themaggeramerika #yosemite
Leap frogged with with some Japanese tourists on the lake rocks and couldn’t quite manage to get where I wanted to be without falling in. Still gawgeous.
missin' nature
Almost two years ago..#roundtrip #yosemite #travel #usa #loveit
tommy ♥️
Recharging 🔋
Photo by: @colbyshootspeople
#Repost @coastalkells
Honestly, I was gonna caption this one “do you ever just stand on a edge and look down and your brain is like ‘man yer dead fursureeee if you fall’ and then you like take a bit of a step back but the adrenaline is pumping and you feel ALIVE”... but then I remembered my mom follows me on Instagram and I was like ya maybe not what she wants to read this morning 🤦🏼‍♀️.
. (Hi mum. I’m sorry I like to live life on the edge! Love youuuuu!!!!).
Photo by @wildbonde 🤗
#optoutside #yosemite #yosemitenationalpark
Happy 23 @tozzyp ❤️❤️❤️
Enjoy the weekend 🏔️
I love u snow 💘💘💘😍

Photo: @jamezillasaurus capturing one of the coolest things I’ve seen irl 
4 years 💕 Happy anniversary baby. 18 months and 12 days until I marry the love of my life. Thanks for being my everything 💫
Let snow ❤️❄️🙏🏻 #angelicapelomundo
"It may not be fire fall, but this was still pretty cool" Photo by @ryanresatka
Have you ever been to Yosemite? 😍
credit: @markian.b
Happy birthday to my adventure partner! I hope you have the best day and that your year is filled with new experiences! Everyone make sure to wish @kinga__wisniewska a happy birthday!
Happy Friday! ⁣
What kind of adventure will you be going on this weekend? Comment below! ⁣
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Pc: @wildbonde
On this date February 28th, 9 years ago we took my cousin Spanky on his first hiking trip. He had no idea what he was in for. Hahaaa.! Gone but will never be forgotten. We love you Cuzzo.
one big chicken nugget! 🏞
Não superei essa viagem até hoje 🔙❄️
A subtle Firefall photo from Yosemite a few days ago. Firefall is a once-a-year occurrence (weather permitting) when the setting sun illuminates Horsetail Falls (water levels permitting). Would you trust a camera accessory brand from California that wasn’t a little bit obsessed with Yosemite? Photo: @larrybirddog. #findyourpeak
Birthday Ninja ⚡🖤👽✨
5 years. February 27th, 2014 is a day i can't forget. 
Here's my reminder to you all that you should make sure you tell your friends and family how much you love and appreciate them as often as you can because you don't know when they or you will be leaving this planet. 📸 @troublesomethomas
❄️ Have you checked out my latest YouTube Video? No! Well I don’t really care if you do. It would be nice if you did tho 🤓. A lot of creators seem to get unmotivated if they start to see no likes or don’t get following. If you truly love and have a passion for something you will continue to work on your craft and improve. Your work will speak for itself. To all my creators! Keep on creating 🙏🏻
Aaye Jaaye Dil Teri Janib
Aana Jaana Lagta Hai Wajib
Dil Musafir Hai Tere Ishq Mein
⚠️Não se enganem.. Pareço (Plena) por fora mas por dentro tava dizendo “tira logo essa foto que tá congelando meus dentes! “ 🥶 📸 @lucas_holanda #aventuracongelante #frozen #letitgo
At Sunday’s Oscar Awards Ceremony, "Free Solo," the story of professional rock climber @alexhonnold’s free solo climb of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, won the award for Best Documentary Feature. Honnold, 33, is the first person to ever free solo the iconic rock formation (which means climbing with no harness, no ropes, nothing!), accomplishing it in just under four hours. Lucky for us, we got to chat with him about his mildly life-threatening hobby of choice. Link in bio for the full feature. (Catch the doc this Sunday on the @natgeochannel!) 📸: @natgeo
Yosemite valley 2018
* Truth, passion and heart in Free Solo * ⁣🏆 ⁣⁣
I know which movie to watch with a future girlfriend! Thanks Alex! So… who wants a date with me? Maybe not exactly the same engagement and risks, but close.. ;)⁣
‘Free Solo’ won an Oscar last weekend! It is so surreal to see a climbing documentary win an Oscar. Nobody would ever relate the climbing scene to a Hollywood environment. On the other hand, it isn’t a surprise the movie wins and Oscar like that. Free solo is so pure, so honest and human. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
Congratulations to the whole crew, @jimmychin @alexhonnold @chaivasarhelyi ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
#neverstopexploring #wallsaremeantforclimbing ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
@thenorthface @thenorthfacede @thenorthfaceuk @natgeo
Creu de #yosemite per al projecte del #BoscDeLesCreus
“chelsy take a picture of me in the middle of the road for no reason”
Photo by @neilbennett3
Do you see the 🧡?
Just Sit Back & Enjoy Mother Nature 🌄
Tengo abandonado mi Instagram, pero no es por olvido, eso jamás 😂, y menos a uds, es porque sigo de vacaciones 🙈
Para todas las q me han preguntado , viajar con 30 semanas ha sido estupendouuu!!! Si puede, HÁGALO siempre! Da lo mismo a donde, mientras puedas y todo vaya bien con la guaguiii 💕. La primera vez que fui al doctor, me dijo , “estar embarazada, no es nunca dejar de hacer cosas, no estay enferma” . Asiqueeeeee como yo no soy de hacer deporte, para nada 😂, pero si de salir, viajar, hacer paseos, nunca pensé de no hacerlo por nervio. Y en el avionnn, naaaada! Tobillos hinchaoos pero lo Classic. Incluso camping , durmiendo en el suelito! Se puede y mucho !! Y eso !! Les respondo a todos sus mensajes por  aquiiii. 😘
Todos los whatsap los respondo a la vuelta !!
We got to witness the polarizing effect that light creates on a granite wall during sunset all while being covered in snow. 
Road closures and conditions kept many people away, but here we were holding the holy grail.
Spur of the moment road trip with my bud @evanpaterakis up to Yosemite to witness God’s beauty known as Firefall.

If Horsetail Fall is flowing in February and the weather conditions are just right, the setting sun illuminates the waterfall, making it glow orange and red. This natural phenomenon is often referred to as the "Firefall", a name that pays homage to the manmade Firefall that once took place in Yosemite.
Hola. This is me. Haven’t really posted a photo of me in like forever but yeah. There I am. Took this in Yosemite 2018.
Hey Siri, play ‘Take Me To Church’ by Hozier
My twin, just 8 years apart. I wouldn’t want to share birthday dinners with anyone else you pain in the ass. You might be my big brother, but I chose you as my best friend for life. We can get through anything together. This is our year. 🤟🏼 #ILoveYouMore #FamilyFirst #HappyBirthdayJoshua
Fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do
Photo by | @mbphoto02 
Please pay a visit to their page
and view their talented work!
•T A G: #thefolkpr0ject
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•F B: pr0ject_uno
•T W E E T: pr0jectuno
•E M A I L:
Selection by | @t.labar
Let’s play another round of #WouldYouRather Travel Edition 🗺
🅰️ go on a cross country road trip 🚙🏔
🅱️ have a staycation 🛀💅
Model: @bulababy
Photo: @nathanielgerdes
#livefree #puravidabracelets
@collincreates roaming through the trees in search of some magic.
📌 #YosemiteNationalPark
📷 @collincreates
#voyaged #travel #adventure
why is your fly down bruh?@omarkatul
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What’s your favorite National Park?
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Y O S E M I T E ❄️🌲
What a learning experience. I’m not meant for the cold but it was fun. Can’t wait to come back. 
#feedmysoul #explorelife
For a couple of weeks each February, a waterfall in California’s Yosemite National Park appears to be set ablaze by the setting sun, a very interesting evening spectacle known as the “firefall.” The sunset must catch the 1,000-foot-tall Horsetail Fall just right to illuminate the mist with reds and oranges.
Photo: @erubes1 
#yosemitenationalpark #naturephotography #adventure #outdoorsman
De repente, um vale de origem glacial surge à frente, com altos abismos de granito formando paredões de até mil metros de altitude dos lados e cachoeiras deslumbrantes de trechos em trechos.
Na base do vale, águas cristalinas, muito verde (em especial de maio a agosto) e diversos exemplares da fauna e da flora silvestres.
Eu mesma pude ver livremente alces, veados, ursos, leões da montanha e diversas espécies de pássaros.
Mas o mais impressionante desse visual é que ele é o resultado geológico que começou a surgir há mais de 50 milhões de anos!!
Vocês também se impressionam quando estão em lugares assim?
#yosemite #california #amoviajar #mochileiros #natureza
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👉@jokelofsweden ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Flash back to our Yosemite west coast trip with Alice Cooper. @oreostacey
"There is no top. There are always further heights to reach.”⛰
always dreaming of the mountains 🌄 so since i’m not there, i just keep pouring sacred mountain all over me (aka the best oil)🌿 so tell me, are you a mountain or beach person?!
Пока делюсь остатками карточек с Yosemite,пора спланировать новое мини путешествие.🌲
Был кто нибудь в Доломитах весной? Конец апреля, начало мая?
Este es El Capitán. La pared de granito más impresionante de Yosemite, y el centro del universo de la escalada en roca.

Tan solo una persona en el planeta ha sido capaz de escalar El Capitán sin cuerdas: @alexhonnold . Descubre cómo lo hizo en el documental#FreeSolo. Estreno en España el domingo 3 de marzo en National Geographic.
Más info en
#documentales #escalada #yosemite #elcapitan @thenorthface_climb @thenorthface
Yosemite's rare and glowing Firefall captured by #AlphaCollective member @erubes1 "What an incredible experience! Firefall in Yosemite happens during a short week or so period in mid-February. You need a couple things working your way to get this shot: Horsetail falls have to be flowing with snowmelt and there have to be clear skies in the West for the last sun to hit the face of El Capitan. If you can time it right, you'll get to witness the falls come alive with a golden glow! So happy to finally cross this beautiful event off the bucket list."
Here's a tip to keep in mind if you ever get a chance to photograph #Firefall yourself: "Make sure you have a zoom lens to capture this experience. Horsetail Falls is high up on the face of El Capitan so you'll really need that extra zoom to capture the details." | a7R III | 70-200mm f2.8 | #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha #Yosemite
Leaving work on friday like... 🚗💨 By @edmond_mondi
Fire fall happens once a year in February in Yosemite National Park. @the_lost_coast captured this spectacular phenomenon beautifully at @igersusa #igers
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the happiest i've ever been.
(also wish this little fella in the background was still with me everyday)

#yosemite #missyou #thedramawiththesebears
Throwback Thursday to good ol’ Yosemite. DYING to see it in the Winter! Who’s down?!? 🙌🏾
Tem que ter né 🇮🇩 #AAAETMNoMundo
~Don't cry cuz it's over, smile cuz it happened~
Le parole sono d'argento e il silenzio è d'oro !
No. Aunque lo parezca, lo que estás viendo no es lava. Se trata del efecto que crea la luz del sol en la cascada conocida como 'Cola de caballo', en el parque de Yosemite.⠀
Este fenómeno natural se produce cuando los últimos rayos de sol del día en el mes de febrero chocan con el agua de la cascada. Y ahí es cuando surgen los colores anaranjados y rojizos que simulan el efecto de la lava. Un espectáculo para los ojos.⠀
📷 @davidgaiz/ / Reuters⠀
#Yosemite #California #Firefalll
동호가 북극곰으로 오해받아 
총맞을 수 있으니 조심하라고 했다🗿
Ron Kauk in Yosemite in 1991 in a photo by Kevin Worrall. In 1975, he made the first free ascent of the east face of Washington Column with John Long and John Bachar, renaming the route Astroman (5.11c). Astroman held title as the hardest long free route in Yosemite Valley for over 10 years. Also notable was Separate Reality (5.12a), an intimidating roof crack which Kauk originally climbed in 1978 without camming devices. The same year he put up Midnight Lightning (V8), one of America's best known bouldering problems because of its difficulty and convenient location in the Camp 4 campground. #badass #yosemite #climbing #tradisrad
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This is a real winter wonderland 😍🙌
So excited to go back to this pretty lil place this summer💫
At Yosemite National Park, a visitor captures the natural phenomenon "firefall." It only happens for a short time in February when the sun hits the cliff at the right angle and makes it look like fire or lava is flowing down. "I’ve waited 4 years to get this shot," Felipe Silva wrote on Instagram. "I can’t describe how mind blowing it was to witness this."
Horsetail Fall in Yosemite National Park is experiencing "firefall” ! The phenomenon, which is only expected to last a few more days, happens in late February when the conditions line up perfectly — i.e., enough flowing water from snowfall, clear skies, and the sun setting at a specific angle — all of which illuminate the waterfall with a beautiful orange glow. Photographer @erubes1 describes his experience while capturing the event, "Yesterday was a day I’ll never forget. We played in the park all day and then watched in awe as Horsetail Fall became illuminated by the last of the day's sunlight. Firefall definitely lived up to its name." (📷: @erubes1 📍: #Firefall, Yosemite National Park)
What would you do if this came up in your way on the road😁?!
Black Wolf in Yellowstone, USA 🇺🇸
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Video by © Siddharth Ghandi
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National parks are the way to my heart
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There’s snowplace like Yosemite ❄️ #winterwonderland #yosemitenationalpark
Either you do it or not 💜🏴‍☠️💜
Winters at Yosemite!
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Day 15 on the third repeat of @tommycaldwell ‘s Dawn Wall. Winds at 45mph and incoming dust storm. Sometimes when things get pretty nasty out here, we have to remember that some fresh cold smoothies are only a stone’s throw away. Thinking we may both free solo the rest to save time. @logan_haydel ripping the shit of of the crux even though avy conditions are considerable.  #KneeBar #FullCrimp #VolumesAreOn
Declaring our love on this day for wide open spaces. Name your outdoor crush! 💕 #HappyValentinesDay 📸: @jordantarver
When you need something other than food to break up the feed 😅 Throwback to my trip to Yosemite a couple years ago... this is me manifesting heading back to the USA 💕🇺🇸☮️.... Serious magic 🔮✨
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