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Smart, hands-free video calling with Alexa built-in.

"Here's a moment that I'll forever cherish; Kai and I spent the evening celebrating his grandma for Mother's Day by talking, dancing, cooking and having the time of our life on our #Portal. Love that it keeps us feeling close despite the distance." - @KnowingTracy #PortalPartner #Portal #FeelThere
Play time, Story Time, silly time. Joyce gets to see her family all the time - with Portal. 💕 #Portal #FeelThere
How Neil Patrick Harris stays close to Mom this Mother's Day - and every day. If you can’t be there, feel there with Portal. 💞 #Portal #FeelThere #MothersDay
"I had been curious about #Portal because our friends have one and love it. Portal really has changed how we stay connected with family far away." - @OhHappyDay #PortalPartner #Portal #FeelThere
Portal helps @jeffmindell connect with his mom from Florida to Los Angeles so they don't miss a moment together. ❤️ #PortalPartner #Portal #FeelThere
Cameron: So glad your mom finds connecting with Portal easy! We're sending you another Portal so the whole family can absoluuuuuutely love it too! 💓 #Portal #FeelThere
"My mom is my best friend and I literally talk to her every day, and now with Portal from Facebook we can video chat hands-free and it feels like she is right here with me!" - @daynabolden #PortalPartner #Portal #MothersDay
How @krisjenner and MJ keep each other laughing on Mother’s Day, and every day. 😂 #Portal #FeelThere #PortalPartner #MothersDay
Give Mom more than flowers this Mother's Day. If you can't be there, feel there with Portal. 💐✌️ #Portal #FeelThere #MothersDay
Eileen, and her son Jude, cheers to a new Mother's Day tradition of baking cookies with grandma using Portal. Check it out at @theautismcafe. 🍪👵 #Portal #PortalPartner #FeelThere #MothersDay
What’s the best gift @krisjenner can give MJ for her 63rd Mother’s Day? More time together. 💝 #Portal #FeelThere #PortalPartner #MothersDay
Bill: We invented Portal so it feels like you're in the same room even if you're thousands of miles apart. So glad you agree, and hope you like the new Portal we're sending you! 🙌 #Portal #FeelThere
"It’s so multi-functional I find myself using it all day. Watching news in the morning while making coffee, streaming music through Spotify in the afternoon, checking in with family and friends while I cook in the evening, my parents telling the kids a bedtime story (the Story Time feature is so much fun!)." -@SayYesBlog #PortalPartner #Portal #FeelThere
See how real people are using Portal to stay close to the ones they love. 💕 #Portal #FeelThere
The best Mother's Day gift is not a sweater. It's more of you. If you can't be there, feel there with Portal. 💝 #Portal #FeelThere #MothersDay
"We didn’t even worry about getting dough on the screen because the device is hands free and automatically keeps everyone in frame when you move thanks to Smart Camera!!" — @basheryandco 💞 #Portal #PortalPartner #MothersDay
"What I love most about Portal is that it feels like she is in the same room with us — so even though she can’t be here all of the time in person, this brings us together and it feels like she is apart of it all." —@Dashing_Darling ❤️ #Portal #PortalPartner #MothersDay
Finally MJ will get what she really wants this Mother’s Day: quality time with @krisjenner. Juice toast to that. 🥂 #Portal #FeelThere #MothersDay