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It’s all so wonderful. ✨

Tag someone who makes you laugh in spite of yourself. 🌿🌿🌿
Yay for goofy friends and cry-laughing about something no one else might ever find funny! 👏🏼
Little peeks into groovier ways of sending your sentiments.🕺🏻💌 Hope your weekend is a hit!
This commission for two of my college friends is a favorite of mine BECAUSE: Mackenzie reached out to me with this idea for a Valentine’s gift for Joel, because skiing has been a fun part of their relationship. ❄️
Little did either of us know that right before Valentine’s Day, Joel would propose to Mackenzie on the mountain, in their ski gear, just like I painted them. So very coincidentally, it turned out to be the perfect painting to commemorate their proposal!! How cool is that?!?
An old photo I used as a reference for painting a sweet ski trick! And I may have to figure out how to properly ski just to secure some form of transportation with this Seattle winter shaping up like it is... ❄️
🎶 dooby dooby doo 🎶
Who do you want to catch up with?
Old records, new paints, heaps of rain coming down—Saturdays like this hit the spot. 🎶
Watch Ratatouille and put on Édith Piaf and THEN tell me you don’t spend the whole next week dancing around the kitchen baking unnecessary treats. 🥐
A creative break from the usual outlet is also important, I find.
Best parts about Valentine’s Day?
1. Gifts from your parents. 💌
2. Takeout. With 100% accurate fortune cookies.
3. Wearing red and pink from head to toe. 
4. Cookies for everyone! Candy everywhere!
5. Specifically, chocolate in heart shaped boxes. 
6. Old French music.
7. Everyone giving everyone else sweet thoughtful cards?! Are you kidding me? This holiday is the best!
Single and romanced friends alike, this list applies to one and all. May your heart be full and light, may your sugar allowance be tripled.🥡🍷❤️
So so so excited to start sharing some new designs with you! 💌 Letting your style evolve as you do is one of the best parts of running your own business. #idowhatiwant 😜
Another snow day for creativity, & my coziest scarf to match my Valentines.
Not pictured: hands covered in paint, tea and cake in tummy. 🍰🎨
Though a solid grocery coupon is its own kind of love language, a handwritten Valentine adds real magic to the mailbox. It’s not too late for that charming gesture, but get your orders in today! 💌 
Washington, get ‘em before the snow stops the mailmen! Farther friends, check the stockist list on my site to see where you can locally find Pretty Bird.
✨another new kid coming to the collection!✨
Not too late to cozy up with some Valentines for all your crushes! 💌
🍜 new valentine?
With the @stationeryshow right now in NYC, I’m all smiley-reminiscey about last May. That whole week would have been neither functional nor fun without you all @stephwrighttt @paytonjayyoung @petefreeman.jpeg @taylorrnaber & @imfthomp (MVP dad). 💛

Grateful to be resting this year, and excited for all the growing artists/business folks working so hard for their dreams. 🦜