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Wild heart | Gypsy soul | Glampire | Sarcastic | 2x WWE Divas champ | Total diva | Lobster 🐺 | Saraya Store | Business: [email protected] 🇬🇧🇺🇸

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@ronnieradke made a video 😂
@ronnieradke 😍❤️ what an incredible valentines! Thank you so much!!! Best one ever!
Happy Valentine’s Day @ronnieradke can’t wait to spend the rest of my life dancing, laughing and loving you. ❤️
Last day of media here in New York. Got to join the #SheIsCampaign. Sat on a panel after @fightingwmyfam with some wonderful women and athletes. Thanks for everyone who came along.
Great screening and red carpet in New York. Thanks for everyone that attended and enjoyed the film. Blows my mind that people are laughing and crying throughout the movie. Truly wonderful feeling.  Surreal. ❤️ @fightingwmyfam
@fightingwmyfam red carpet ready! Thanks for my girls!! My misfits! hair @mrs_lindysue and make up @janeenersss you the best!
Morning off to a good start 😊 @fightingwmyfam @zakbevis_knight @sarayaknight1910 hair and make up squad are killing it! @janeenersss @mrs_lindysue
Day 2 of media complete. My brother @zakbevis_knight and @sarayaknight1910 finally joined me too! :)
Day one of @fightingwmyfam media is done. Zero sleep but feeling good!
Amazing screening tonight at @snoopdogg compound. Thanks for having us out! We had a blast! @fightingwmyfam coming out everywhere February 22nd and in select theaters February 14th 😍 can’t wait for you all to see it!
Wouldn’t want a staring contest with anyone else ❤️
Wish I could squeeze in all the pics from Sundance, but I guess I’ll just keep spamming you all week instead. Thanks to everyone involved in the emotionally successful premiere of @fightingwmyfam what a reception we received. The cast are just so outstanding and so talented, they were perfectly casted. Thanks @therock and @stephenmerchant for believing in my family and Is story. I can’t believe there’s a damn movie out there now and it’s thanks to you guys and all the wonderful people involved. @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @bslater9 @kevin.misher @sevenbucksprod @mgm_studios @wwe you’re all so incredible. Thank you so much!!! Special thanks to my love @ronnieradke for being there to support me through these beautiful but chaotic days haha and @joeydance @l2aquel being the best friends and coming along just to support and help out as much as possible and @zac_phoenix for the glammmm! Movie comes out officially February 14th in select theaters and feb 22nd all over! Enjoy you guys ❤️