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#livedincolor by the master of it, @johnnyramirez 🇺🇸 He used #ShadesEQ Gloss to achieve this look: 1/2 oz 09NB Irish Créme, 1/4 oz 09GB Butter Cream & 1 oz 000 Crystal Clear. If you're new to #ShadesEQ, here's a breakdown of each color he used:
09NB: red/violet tone, brown to tan background and that "NB" stands for Neutral Brown/Blonde.
09GB: gold/mauve tone, brown to tan background and the "GB" is Gold Beige.
Crystal Clear adds more shine and can be used alone or to dilute the intensity of any shade
Q: Can you guess how @hairby_kirsten_ 🇺🇸was able to take her client from left to right, without losing the health or integrity of the hair? A: Shades 👏EQ 👏 "My client started at a level 3, going blonder each session. #ShadesEQ kept it ready to go blonder each time! Then when she was ready to go back to her natural color, I used Shades EQ again to get her there!" Which one of these four looks do you prefer? Let us know 👇
Have you heard? We're about to unleash the next generation of liquid permanent haircolor for maximum #graycoverage. The 🆕 Color Gels Lacquers NN family has an extra dose of natural background that provides maximum saturation & coverage on even the most stubborn gray hair. Double tap if you're ready to stock these in your salon - and if you love pairing Color Gels Lacquers in Zone 1 with Shades EQ on Zones 2 & 3.
Have you tried using the basin balayage technique on your clients? 👆 Stylists use because it creates heavier pops of color on blonde than just placing foils. Sending ❤️to @shereeknobel_bixiecolour 🇦🇺 for sharing her tips!

Feeling intrigued about this technique? Leave us all your questions 👇
Leave a 💗below if you agree: There's only ONE #ShadesEQ 09V Platinum Ice, and it works for any blonde color you are looking to achieve. 
For this soft blonde, @mane_ivy 🇺🇸used Shades EQ 07N Mirage + 07V Crushed Amethyst + 05N Walnut on Zone 1 and 09P Opal Glow + 09V Platinum Ice all over.
You may not have heard us talk about it before but, on #EarthDay and every day, we want you to know that our haircare packaging is made with recycled plastic. Your favorites shown here are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (minus colorant) 🧡💛 💙 💜💗 Go to Stories to tell us how you're bringing sustainability to your salon.
Like if you’re loving @wherearetheavocados weekend 2 look 🙌🏻 ⁣⁣
Hair by @josephchase using #ShadesEQ 01B and 04NA, prepped with One United, & styled with Triple Dry 15 & Shine Flash 02 for texture and shine ✨✨✨ #RedkenReady
Want to learn more about the 🆕 #ColorGelsLacquers NN family?  Check out our Stories to hear @georgegarciaredken talk about them. @hairbylyndsy 🇺🇸 tried it on one of her gray clients and her feedback? "My client absolutely loved the end result and experienced no scalp irritation like she normally does with other products. It had exceptional gray coverage! " 
Leave us a 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️if you are excited to try the NNs.
Looking for a 🆕 gray #balayage formula? Take a look at @laura_dugaeva's 🇷🇺 work 👆using #ColorGelsLacquers (alkaline) 6N Moroccan Sand + 5NA Smoke + 20 Vol. on Zone 1 and #ShadesEQ Gloss (acidic) 09V Platinum Ice + 09T Chrome + 09N Cafe au Lait + 000 Crystal Clear on Zones 2 & 3 -- because pros know the Color Mantra is the best plan to maintain the integrity of the hair. 
Хотите идею формулы для балаяжа? Сохраняйте! 🙂 Следуя правилам Redken Color Mantra, @laura_dugaeva использовала в своей работе #ColorGelsLacquers + #ShadesEQ:
Зона 1: 6N Moroccan Sand + 5NA Smoke + 20 Vol. 
Зона 2: 09V Platinum Ice + 09T Chrome + 09N Cafe au Lait + 000 Crystal Clear on Zones 2 & 3.
Wondering how you can get your hands on NEW Nature+Science? Now's your chance - this Earth Day 🌎, @SalonCentric is giving you early access to shop this range before it launches. ⁣⁣
Which one are you most excited to try?⁣⁣
💛 All Soft⁣⁣
💙 Extreme ⁣⁣
💖 Color Extend
Q: What do alkaline vs. acidic substances do to the hair cuticle? 🤔A: Substance that is alkaline will cause the hair cuticle to open, while a substance that is acidic will cause the cuticle to contract.

What does that mean for color application? Alkaline color should only touch Zone 1 🚨 We recommend using permanent haircolor on Zone 1 only and refreshing with acidic color (Shades EQ) on Zones 2 & 3.

For this look, @kiraraehair 🇺🇸 used #ColorGelsLacquers 5N Walnut + 4NA Storm Cloud on Zone 1 and toned with #ShadesEQ Gloss 09V Platinum Ice + 08GI St. Barths + Clear on Zones 2 & 3.
What is the formula for dreamy curls? Remember, there is no such thing as perfection, but according to @makeuppro_hair_artist 🇩🇴, great curls are all about a good cut, hydration &  definition. For this look, she:

1️⃣ Prepped hair with Pre Art and Clean Maniac
2️⃣ Cleansed hair with Curvaceous Low Foam Cleanser and Curvaceous Conditioner for hydration
3️⃣ Cut and styled with Curvaceous Curl Refiner and Ringlet for definition ¿Cuál es la fórmula para obtener rizos de ensueño? Recuerda, la perfección no existe, pero según @makeuppro_hair_artist🇩🇴, buenos rizos tienen que ver con un buen corte, hidratación y definición. Para este look, ella:

1️⃣ Preparó el cabello con Pre Art y Clean Maniac
2️⃣ Enjuagó el cabello con Curvaceous Low Foam Cleanser y Curvaceous Conditioner para hidratación
3️⃣ Cortó y peinó con Curvaceous Curl Refiner y Ringlet para definición