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A LOT happened on the #RTPodcast this week.
The next chapter of the #RWBY sketchbook collection is out! Tap to shop.
Happy birthday to David Tennant, aka, the voice of our fearless #genLOCK leader, Dr. Weller!
Throwback to this wonderful moment. Thanks to @jessicanigri for making it happen. #RTtbt
#RTXAustin is around the corner! Get your badge before it’s too late.
Here are some of our favorite pieces of fan art, cosplay, and crafts from the last few weeks. Remember to tag Rooster Teeth on your creations and be sure to follow @rtdraws for more fan art. Tap each picture to see the artist/creator!
Check out these amazing #genLOCK sneakers by @artbycrow!
swipe through to see Barbara Dunkelman as water bottles.
Happy birthday to our favorite adorable Scottish hacker, @maisie_williams! ✌️
Always Open x Off Topic art by @katiesimrell
No horses were harmed in the making of this video.
Happy #nationalpetday! Watch the latest #RTLife to see the dog wedding we hosted and swipe for these great puppers.