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Manje Bistre 2 ✌🏼😊
Title track to be out on 26th Feb💃🏻🕺🏻 #ManjeBistre2 @gippygrewal @ghuggigurpreet @karamjitanmol @officialranaranbir #BNSharma #SardarSohi @raghveerboliofficial @jaggisinghofficial @nishabano @devgananita #RupinderRupi #BhanguMaam #Christy #MalkeetRauni #RanaJungBahadur #PrakashGadhu #BaninderBunny ‘

And Happy Valentines Day ji saareyan nu😃❤️🌹
the Teaser for RABB DA RADIO 2 📻❤️ is Out on Youtube Now😍🙈☺️ Link is in the Bio👆🏼 #RabbDaRadio2 #Teaser #OutNow😃 #JassVeera @tarsemjassar @manpreetjohalofficial @vehlijantarecords @omjeegroup @munishksahni @virasatfilms
Sab ton mehngi hundi ae masoomiyat,
Sohne taan unjh lok bathere hunde ne✨
“if love could talk, hearts would never break...”🥰😌😋
Thank God! i thought i was the ONLY one😬🙈 ‘

#ObsessedWithMemes🤩 #SorryNotSorry🤪  #WhoCanRelate??!😝
Jessssss! @tarsemjassar sir 👌🏼💪🏼
main Boo for Life❣️ @amharpreetkaur 
#The only human i can upload my bad picture with😂🤪😬🙈 #LoveYouMaa❤️😘
i have a cookie 🍪
excited mai edaaa! excited mai edaaa! excited mai edaaaaaaa😍😃😁🙈 coz this project is pure magic💕and all of you will absolutely love it🙈 #CantWaitForItToStart😬☺️ ‘

#SHARE and #Support any poster you like☺️😍💛
‘Title’ to be announced soon😃☺️😌 @official.jassgrewal Veera 💛 @buntybains 💪🏼 Kindly lock the date☺️😌 -

27th September 2019🔐

Something very special coming your way😍
Need all the love and support like always; Forever💞🥰 LOVE YOU ALL😋🙏🏼 Whatever i am today, it’s coz of each one of you❣️ #SHARE and #Support 😊🙏🏼💕
Date Lock karlo ji ☺️😌😋 ‘

27th September 2019 🔐 
@official.jassgrewal veera 💛 @buntybains 💪🏼 @brandbstudios 📽 ‘Title’ vi chheti announce kraange ji😌☺️ Satgur Nadar Karey😊🙏🏼
kuchh bohot hi special aa reha ji tohde saareyan layi 🔥😍💖 Bohotttt bohottt pyaar tohnu saareyan nu🥰❤️ ‘

mai ajj jo vi haan, tohde saareyan karke haan❣️ ‘

#SHARE and Support 😊🙏🏼💕
i miss the early 90’s ☎️ ‘

i so often say that i love the Locations where cellphones don’t work while working and it’s true; i wish we could just put them away again for a few more years, decades or maybe centuries....