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No time for the gym? Use our 23-minute a day training program utilising leading Japanese EMS technology. Try at our Westfield London Flagship Store or

We came together with @prodirectsoccer to hear from @cristiano himself about his training regime, adaptation to a new league and how our products are helping him to stay on the top of his game.
Check the full video on ProDirect’s channel!
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Runner @ellienatashabaker has made SIXPAD part of her training. -
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The SIXPAD range is now available for international shipping via eBay. Please check your country’s availability and find the link to our eBay store in our bio.
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Japanese sports specialists from the Japan Sporting Goods Award have chosen SIXPAD as #1 in the Most Innovative Product category, for the fourth consecutive year. Try the SIXPAD cutting edge technology today!
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Welcome February! Another month is here, so don’t forget to replace your gel pads and enjoy your SIXPAD workout.
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Triceps workouts you can do at home:
1. Narrow push-ups
2. Bench dips
3. SIXPAD Arm Belt 
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1 – prevent injuries
2 – reduce back pain by strengthening the abdominals
3 - improve posture
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To begin with our fitness programme, a proper diet will be an essential part of your training and health. You can start by having a daily calorie deficit, as well as replacing starchy foods for more light food, rich in fibre and protein.  Lean meats, nuts/seeds and green vegetables are the best examples of these. #newyearnewme #healthynewyear #SIXPAD
Happy #NewYearNewMe! Health and Fitness is one of the main resolutions for the new year and SIXPAD is here to help you through your journey to the shape you’re aiming for. Grab your #SIXPAD gear and follow our profiles for the upcoming posts with great fitness tips. #HealthyNewYear