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22 years young | YU-GI-OH! master | Twitter/Snapchat: @slushiimusic / Inquires: [email protected]

What a night - thank you Chicago ✨

what’s your favorite song?
had time to give my mom a surprise visit when i was back home 😌 ❤️ comment your favorite mom/family moment below ! ✨❤️
SUPER excited to announce “Slushii & Peachii”, a new weekly comic strip that’s been in the works for quite some time! I’m so excited to let you guys into the world of Slushii and hope you enjoy :)

comment with some of your favorite comics/manga !

これから毎週4コマ漫画「Slushii&Peachii」を更新していきます:) 楽しみにしててね!:)
is it a small ultraman or a giant slushii? 🤔
jersey boys in full effect with the gnome hats @glitchsato @thesebrokenfaces
playing at the @shrinela has been a dream of mine for awhile now. still on cloud 9 from this past weekend 💫💫
🎥: @ojas.devanathan
this is why i don’t ride hoverboards 😂
Happy Mother’s Day to the MVP in my life. Love you mom 💕
From a nerdy Jersey boi to a nerdy headline artist at the @shrinela ....last night was a dream. Thank you everyone for supporting me along the way 🥰🍧
@shrinela set times 🤘🏼 see you tonight LA!