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Co-Founder @supercharge-------------------------- Diary of a Creative Director/ Photographer.

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Spent some time this morning hiking through canyons and listening to the wind 👣
Don’t wake me up when I’m napping 👽🦖
Working on a cool project with @groovemonkey and team this week 🤘
And for that reason, I’m out. 💼 // model @kyla_na // makeup/ hair @kyliesallee 💄
Last day in Oregon was Monday. @kyla_na and I decided to plan an early shoot with @kyliesallee before each of us had to catch a flight. Gonna share a few of these over the next few days. 🚂
Sending y’all a postcard from Oregon💌
Visiting one of my longest friends out here in Portland @kyla_na . I booked my ticket last weekend in New Orleans because I haven’t seen her since July! Taking the weekend to chill a little with her, and her family, and explore. 🍁
So far I landed last night, we ate ramen, then went to the Japanese Garden, and are now on 23rd street walking to sushi. I might as well be in Japan! I’m also wearing my favorite jacket I got in Tokyo. 🇯🇵 I fly back on a red-eye Monday night, and have an intense few weeks ahead of me. Prepping for shoots, producing different projects, then LA for Frieze. ❄️
It’s interesting, this has been one of the busiest months of my life. I was talking to my friend @stephhon this morning, and I told her that I felt like January 1st was a milestone for me and I feel like a new person. I guess overall, I feel happy, unrestrained, and able to do whatever I like 🙃
Congrats to @americanauthors on the release of 🌼🍃Seasons🍁❄️ so proud to be friends with you guys and a small part of this release 🤘🤘
La vie en rose 🥀
I stayed up all night partying in New Orleans and watched the sunrise this morning. Rested for an hour, and hopped on a plane on my way to my next shoot. I got in to NoLA late on Wednesday night and directed a branding video for @farmbasedfoodie Thursday and Friday. @christopher.valori and I decided to book an @airbnb for a few days to see the city. I’ve been hanging out with one of my longest friends since high school @huntertron , eating and drinking our way through the city.
My favorite part of the trip has been the food! Southern food has some of my favorite flavors and textures. Had some amazing meals out here, @boucherienola , @elysianbarnola , and @comperelapin , and every restaurant treated us with extra plates, and amazing service (thanks to Hunter). Some of the highlights were po boys, an incredible duck fat omelette with caviar, raw oysters, pig heel soup, and amazing cocktails each night by a new friend @iamdenzie
I’m currently sitting, waiting for my transfer at Chicago O’Hare airport, have a full day shoot with @souler.hq tomorrow in Massachusetts, at a pretty amazing house with a fun team! I’ll throw up some details on stories tomorrow. About to board the plane and finish up some work. I have 4 shoots this week, and need to be prepped for it! Going to sleep hard tonight, mouth open and probably drool. 🤤
Directed and produced the music vid for @americanauthors new song “Stay Around” shot by @christopher.valori and @craigcalamis // edited by @christopher.valori
After ending our night at 4AM on Friday, we hopped on a tour bus three hours later. The Authors tour was full of good times and good memes. // A tour bus, sound check, show,  hotel. Washington D.C. // Tour bus, hotel, sound check, show, hotel. Philadelphia. // Tour bus, heated pool, sound check, show, bar, hotel. Boston. // 🌑
I got back to Brooklyn Monday afternoon, took a quick nap, then went to dinner with my good friend @authenticpresentbrave . She’s working on a really cool startup for sustainable farming. Tell you a little more about this later. Tuesday was a pretty normal day from @theneuehouse , but I’ve been stressed this week from a little work overload. I chipped away at it and after Wednesday I felt much better. Hopefully I won’t have to work too much this weekend. 🥂
Today I am working on treatments and logistics for my upcoming shoots. Have to book a studio, 5-7 locations in different states, plus actors/models. And do my laundry. Seeing the Authors play again tonight after going to the @williamwaldronphoto reception at The Neuehouse tonight. Lovin’ it!😅
It’s 8:30 AM, and I’m at the Dream Hotel Downtown. I wrapped shooting a music video for @americanauthors last night at 2:45 AM, and had the studio cleaned up by 3:30 AM. Three hours of sleep is enough right? 😵
I’ll rewind. In the midst of directing four videos and multiple photo campaigns this month, I was called with less than 24 hours notice to direct this. Such is the nature of the beast- when it rains it pours, and a few other cliches that speak to life. Long story short, we started shooting at 9 PM last night after the Authors had been rehearsing all day for their tour this weekend. We got it done, major thanks to @christopher.valori , and his friend @craigcalamis . My camera team for the shoot. Edit should be finished around Monday. 🎬
It’s been a fun week! I’ve confirmed every project I’ve been asked to quote on this month. For brands and people that I really admire. Currently I am waiting for the rest of the Authors crew, as I am heading out on a three day tour with them and @therevivalists . We go to D.C., Philly, Boston, and then home. Always love hanging with the guys. It makes working really easy.
Couple outtakes from @roguemagazine with @paulvedere - which is your favorite? // styling @raytell_bridges // grooming @benjaminthigpen // studio @rrd_studios
@paulvedere For @roguemagazine // styling @raytell_bridges // grooming @benjaminthigpen // studio @rrd_studios
My new nephew @bagelsmcdoodle
This month I will be traveling to and from 10 states. Fun fact, but I really enjoy traveling within the USA. At least, when I am able to ignore the political state that our country is in. It was pretty interesting to travel to Baltimore this weekend, as all TSA agents are not currently being paid due to our shutdown. 🧀👎
I spent 6 hours today in meetings and phone calls. Sent out four project proposals, e-mailed pages on pages of details. I am traveling at least twice per week this month, hitting four states this week alone. Ended my day and went for drinks with a friend. It’s currently 12:22AM. I don’t really have much else to say so goodnight. 📸 @_maggiewall_

Doing a post to cover the past two days, even though I’ve done enough to last two weeks! Saturday morning, I started my day at 7 AM, did two shoots, then met @ericalave and @mbanks00 in Williamsburg for a four hour vacation upstate (with four hours driving back and forth). It was @erinnl ‘s birthday and we went up to her house in New Paltz for a little dinner with friends. Hung out until 7ish, then drove back to Brooklyn. I had to take a midnight train with @daveaauthors to Baltimore. 🏈
We got to Penn Station, waited at Amtrak watching the mice scurry around the station, drinking beers out of paper bags. The train got in to Baltimore at 2 AM, took an uber to the @monacobaltimore and passed out. 🍻
Today, the @americanauthors played the halftime show at the @ravens @chargers game. We had an 8:30 AM call time for sound check. --It’s pretty amazing all of the production that goes into these things.-- The game started, and they played a great show, then we chilled in the sky box lounge eating hot dogs, crab cakes, burgers, and drinking beers. We had to bring all of our bags with us to the show so we could drive straight to the airport home. Our flight was 6PM and we didn’t even get to stay the entire game. ✈️
Just got home in Brooklyn and am doing some work and planning out my week ahead. This week I have to be in the city doing work every morning at 9AM, and then events, meetings and dinners every day after work. Going to sleep now, still full from today, so probably going to skip dinner. 😵
This type of life isn’t for everyone. I have been working at this level of intensity for the past 4 years minimum. I’m used to sleeping six hours or less most days of the week, and not having time for rest. My body recovers differently. I love my alone time and relaxation, but I am only recharged by action and being busy. Oh and the Ravens lost 😑