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Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.
- Max Ehrmann; Desiderata
model: @ariadantir 
assist: @donovan_antollare
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Happy earth day! Time to plan where to go next!
(Saunter III)
Somewhere in the medium between your humble abode and the winding road is a drifter’s dream, the place where you can be blithely lost.
Walking around Tallulah Gorge you’re constantly rewarded for your efforts with stunning views everywhere you look. It’s an amazing place to spend some time if you get the chance.
• D E S O L A T E •
(Saunter II)
A patch of pure light to accompany your wandering soul, reminding you of shadow’s shifting temporality, for your eyes can be certain where the sun lies.
Wish I had the time/energy/know-how/whatever else to garden. For now, I’ll settle for hanging out here as much as possible.
(Saunter I)
Departing your door, feet frivolous, all your tomorrows disheveled and disarrayed, not a worry to your soul.
The Gorge is really flowing today! @heather_morris15 and I have had the best day visiting Tallulah Gorge, Wander North Georgia, and Admiral Axe.
A little break in the rain this weekend 🌤
We have had an interesting, and amazing past day or so! So we were quickly approaching a town where our plan was to just resupply and then hit the trail again. However, the weather had a different plan for us.
We actually got caught out in a lightening thunderstorm, which is probably the most scared I had been in my life! We ran across the bald and down into town as fast as we possibly could. This is when we learned that there was a flash flood warning and a tornado watch for the area throughout the night. So we knew we needed to get off trail.
We called around and of course, EVERYWHERE was full because people had called ahead of us and got reservations. Then we looked on this rock and saw a flyer for a cute B&B in a Ziploc bag. Luckily they had availability and picked us up quickly! We got resupply, ate some food and most importantly - got dry! ...
Then we received some trail magic in the form of a free night! A trail angel had paid for a room and the owners gave it to us which is amazing! Since we had an extra night here, we decided to slack pack for the first time! This is when you ditch your pack, hike a bit and then get picked up and taken back to where you are staying! ...
The funny thing about our slack pack experience is that we were to get picked up at a forest road at a certain time. We made it to A gravel road early, so we just chilled to wait for our ride. THEN when the time came and went and no ride showed up, we realized we were 3 MILES from our actually pick up location. We took off running down the trail faster than ever and did 3 miles in 35 minutes (luckily it was a really good and flat section). Luckily our ride was still waiting on us which was great!
The coolest part about today was that we hit 400 miles today!!!!!!!! We might celebrate with some Mexican food or something, because after that trail run I could go for a Quesadilla or something 🤣🤣
We hope you have lots of fun “plants” this weekend 😂 and we hope your plans include hanging out in @downtownmonroe with us! 🌱 •••
Shirts from @almasandco - $27 each
I loved teaching these awesome ladies how to crochet in my Intro to Crochet class at Wildart here in Covington Georgia! .
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The Roan highlands are officially our favorite part so far of the whole Trail! It was so beautiful up on the ridges and balds, it took our breath away.
Also, I want to clear up something about Roan Mountain. Before we got there, I had heard so much crap about This mountain. "Its so hard, your gonna die heading up there." ...
Well, Roan Mountain was one of the most pleasant uphill hike I've had so far. I had so much fun with the switchbacks! In fact, the day we hiked Roan was the day we hit Spruce's goal of hiking a marathon. We hiked 26.3 miles in one day, and just felt so good while doing it! ...
If you have never hiked Roan before, you just should, because it's truly amazing!
📸 @eltonjoncon
Who set fire to the sun
 And carved the
 earth from the sea?
 Who formed life from the dust
 And taught these 
lungs how to breathe? - KXC
Spruce Lee may have decided to join thus little Spruce Family back at Mt. Unaka, so if you ever out there - just look for him. Lol ...
Totally kidding of course, although man was that "dense Spruce forest" that the AWOL guide mentioned was such a blessing because I was about to overheat out there until we passed through that forest! It was so nice.
So the past few days have been wild in such a good way! We can completely tell that our trail legs are coming in, because we are putting in some big miles and still feeling great at the end of the day. ...
It's just so rewarding to put in some hard work and see your body get stronger and adapt to what it's going through! Super cool!
An open letter to this place we call The Summit: I’ve always loved this moment of this photo but thought I looked a little goofy in it so from time to time I’d just go back and look at it. Discount how I feel about the photo I’m sharing it now a month later to tell you about what this spot has come to teach me metaphorically about where I am at in life. To “The Summit”, you’ve taught me a lot. Cheers to the countless shoots, picnics, jam sessions, midnight dance parties and much more. These are just some of the precious moments at The Summit.
—> I have been with different friends at this spot in the past year and a half who have been through so many different stages of life in that time. Embracing my current stage of life is sometimes a struggle. I always want to be going to the next big w-o-a-h moment but right now I am a college student. A student is what I need to embrace. In 2 weeks I leave for almost 3 months in a state where I will know no one and that will also be another stage to be embraced but right now I need to be present where I am. With school coming to an end I wrote this to tell you, embrace the last 2 weeks you have with your people. Have a picnic on a neighborhood field you aren’t technically supposed to be on because those are the moments that will last even when this stage of life has passed.
The Toccoa River is the perfect place to unplug and relax for the weekend.
Turning water into glass. I love the effects of long exposure photography on water. It really helps illustrate the peacefulness of these places.
Spite like rain falling out of place,
Breakers crashing in waves of grace,
Fears overcast by a blanket of love,
Promises kept in color above.
Bring on the green. Burnt mountain is just minutes from our house for some great roadside views. We’ll have to make it back up there now that spring’s almost in full swing.
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"Touched by a Spring Light" -

A warm dream so bright,
this season's change brings new life -- touched by a Spring light.

Continuing the series "Spring Inspiration - The Azaleas." Sending out some warm Spring light for your Wednesday. Wishing everyone a great evening ahead. Thanks for the favs and kind words. Much appreciated!
Sleepy time staying warm while having a nice cold #ad #CervezaPatagonia
Beautiful evening in west Georgia...... 🌞 🐝 🌳 🍎 🍏
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"The Sweet Taste of Spring" -

The sun has risen,
with sweet aroma of Spring -- like cotton candy. 
Sharing some sweet Spring color and kicking off a short series "Spring Inspiration - The Azaleas." Wishing everyone a wonderful evening ahead! Thanks for the favs and kind words. They are much appreciated!
Guess who hit 300 miles!? We did!!!!!! It's crazy to me how fast the miles are going by already! We are getting our trail legs in (and my trail lungs are coming in) so we can start moving!
From the start of this adventure we swore we would be super real about our journey! It's not always rainbows and sunshine out here, and we aren't always feeling it. So let's get real for a second, April 14th was not our day.
So, we hit 300 miles on the 13th! It was so cool because it was also the day that we got trail magic actually on trail at a shelter. We were huffing it up this mountain and I was even thinking "man, we should come back to this mountain and do trail magic when we are done cause this is a doosey" . Then we get to the too and there are people grilling hotdogs and giving out sodas it was awesome!
Then the 14th comes... so we wake up and Spruce Lee was not feeling good. We had all these intentions to do 20 miles that day, but we struggled to hit the 15 to make it to the next shelter. He was having some major stomach issues and just went straight to the tent. I,at this point, was feeling good and ate some hot Cheetos and ramen noodles for dinner. Well that was my biggest mistake, because I spent all night throwing up into a dollar General bag in the vestibule of our tent.
Oh I forgot to mention that it had POURED all day on the 14th as well. So our entire hike we were just sick and walking through hard rain, it was just crazy! Buuut we made it!!!
We love the 30655 ❤️ Grab this large wood tray from @thegracegraffiti for $50! It’s perfect for your coffee table or as a centerpiece in your dining room!
Idk how to make tax day better, but maybe this will cheer us all up. 😂
@imjanesdaughter just brought in new kimonos and we are in love 😍 Come in to see the other styles and fabrics! This cutie is $35!
Little local waterfall.
The Fitzpatrick Hotel in Washington, GA.
Pearlescent waves cascade down your shoulders. You are submerged in melted emotions of shifting shades and textured variance. Your head tilts into the infinite distance. Your eyes are alight with sentiment. You’ve only ever felt this way in a dream. And yet here you are, in patent reality, a miracle.
@heather_morris15 and I spent Saturday driving on muddy trails and hiking at the Toccoa River Swinging Bridge. It’s a beautiful place to visit.
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Outtake from our photo shoot for #EarthDay, by @geoffphotos! Proud to once again sponsor this event, happening April 20 in historic Daffin Park! @earthdaysavannah @connectsavannah @visitsavannah @unusualdressproject #unusualdressproject
Here’s a sneak peek of the process at our Leather Pouch Class tonight with @megansmark! Swipe to see the final result 🌟
touching heaven ⛅️
If you want to feel like you are on top of the world, then head to Max Patch!
We had heard of Max Patch for the longest time, people saying it's the perfect spot to tent camp! Of course, when we got there it was overcast with the threats of thunderstorms. For that reason, we did not camp there. ...
However, when we did summit, the sky cleared up just enough to give us this amazing 360 degree view of the mountains! We spent a few minutes just looking around and enjoying the view before heading off!
This is the day that we had planned to do only 13 miles, and ended up doing 17 instead. That's because we are finding that our trail legs are coming in for sure! We just feel so much stronger than we were at the start, and that is an awesome feeling.
about to get in my feels 🎥
Random things you come across as a Georgia creative. Exhibit 1: this awesome diorama! #ugalife #georgiacreatives #art #teenytinytown smallart #peachstatepride #curious #southerncharm #downsouth #diorama