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Proyección de la película Coraje.

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Ah, it’s good to be up so early on a Saturday morning. And no, by no means am I dissing people who don‘t - you do you and do what makes you happy💪

Putting in the work for my future goals, thats what make me happy.
Enjoy your day friends 💪

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Out ïn the kold
(Just love me, body & soul)
 Warm pastels and charcoal on 14 x 16
#outinthekold #bodyandsoul #art #pastelart #abstract #artist #love #perspective 
#beauty #warmth #atlanta #brooklyn #HarleysAttik
When faced with the raw power of nature we can gain a better understanding how insignificant we are. .
Consider the fact that your life will end some day, regardless of what you think or how you feel. .
Do you allow yourself to stress to much over what you can’t control? Are you aware of where your energy is being invested? .
The Yak: Saturday, February 16th, vol.117
All videos are uncut and unedited. #real #truth #awareness #gratitude #grateful #ambition #mindfulness #optimism #mindful #positivevibes #thankful #live #humble #kindness #healthylifestyle #strength #perspective #positive #opportunity #respect #pain #patience #growth #time #share #60secclub #ocean #mindsetreset #canthurtme #repost
Morning coffee + Beach = The start of a great day. What’s everyone favourite coffee? Mines flat white ☕️
Out ïn the kold
(Just love me, body & soul)
 Warm pastels and charcoal on 14 x 16
#outinthekold #bodyandsoul #art #pastelart #abstract #artist #love #perspective 
#beauty #warmth #atlanta #brooklyn #HarleysAttik
Out ïn the kold
(Just love me, body & soul)
 Warm pastels and charcoal on 14 x 16
#outinthekold #bodyandsoul #art #pastelart #abstract #artist #love #perspective 
#beauty #warmth #atlanta #brooklyn #HarleysAttik
Cat snuggled in a chair surrounded by texture and design.  #perspective
Perspective | Back to papaya
"And if anything needs to be change about the isness of this moment; Very effective action arises out of the state of non resistance, far more powerful, far more effective then any action that comes out of the state of denial or resistance of the present moment" 
@eckharttolle #thepowerofnow 💫
Papaya are tropical fruits. I planted seeds, I water them, I patiently waited thinking some seeds are late bloomers. I resisted, I planted the same seeds in the same soil over and over again until I realized I was in denial, until I realized I been resisting and forcing myself to be in a city I wanted to leave...I choose non resistance; radical acceptance. What needs to be changed for my seeds to sprout?!Papaya tree grow in tropical climate. Taking action towards growing 😉🌴
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Sound on 😂🍾🎶 #life
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Ain't that the truth?? || All the invalid, repetitive claims I make to the universe (sorry God) about how I'm "just out here trying to get my life together"... it ain't right!! || I'm out here LIVING and DOING and BECOMING myself, day by day || And it really is a beautiful journey (once I step back and give myself the right lighting bka perspective)!
Sometimes we just need to hit pause - maybe reset, or maybe even power down to figure out the next steps to get ourselves back on par with our intended course || And yes I did just double (triple) down on the metaphors - are you paying attention!?? 😊
Reset anyone?
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We should have felt this way, before Rosa ever had a reason to say 'No.'
Journal Entry ∦ 24 Feb. 15th 8:14 P.M.
How do I stay the course? I feel like life shouldn’t be predictable but yet I need consistency. I feel as if I’m on a battlefield where I have to fight for each side; be spontaneous but on time, be different but relate with others, be kind but stand your ground.
Why is it so hard to continually do what is good for my spirit, mind, and body? I enjoy the feeling of praying and reading the Bible. It brings me to a place of piece and confidence. Writing out these journal entries only cultivates peace in my mind. And working out makes me proud of the body I have. But one day off from these tiny things that make me love life and suddenly it’s been a week.
I’m not here to make up excuses, I’m here to love others, to know myself, and to trust God in all things. You know what it is... it’s easier to give up on faith. Faith that you can and faith that you will aren’t truths I’ve been raised with. Everything is physical, if you don’t physically show your work you don’t have it. But screw the physicality’s, I want to sit on a three legged stool and show people it’s possible.
But how? How do I move forward? I’m on the edge of a mountain, I feel this wind touching my skin as if it has a hand. I see the landscape and it’s empty of all human designs, no buildings, no cars, just silence. I have the ability to create my own world and If I step forward there seems to be certain death. As if I will tumble forever until I fall into nothingness. But this is my world... how about I make some stairs.
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missing the beach weather 🌊☀️
Today's generation and specially my generation is heading towards thoughtless world where Internet is teaching you everything. We are the last generation who used to eat by listening stories. I think we are the last generation who played in mud and were connected to the earth directly ! 
These large cities are eating us and everything. In the search of technology and globalization we are loosing inner peace and the feeling of satisfaction. Yesterday I was a person who was positive and full of energy but today I am a different person with different thoughts and philosophy. Future is unpredictable. 
Next generation is already diseased and mentally affected. I think we still have some part of nature in us ! Think !!!
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Picture and editing credits : @anayhilation
من سيشن اليوم علي facebook 💙
لو عايز تتصور كل إلي عليك تكلمني وده رقمي  01200389998 💙💙💜 # 1eampixel #madebygoogle # shotonpixel3xl #nustaharamkhor #maibhisadakchap #iamkanda #soi 1riendsinperson #pixe | portrait #streetphotographymumbai #perspective #aestheticshot #capture abandon #travelwithnemo #streetmagazine #streetdreamsmag #cats #streetphotographyinternational #streetlove #catstagram #catsofinstagram #illaram mers #visualsoflife #crazyshooterz #imaginatones #agameoftones
Where am I? 私はどこだ?
February 16 Day 565
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Not what #itseemstobe but another #perspective of #art and #lokomotiv es #made of #glas #materials
When interacting with others, listen to what other people have to say - instead of talking shit you already knows. 
Develop your ability to listen - less you speak, more powerful you'll appear. Plus, it shows inner strength within yourself. 
As great mathematician Pythagoras said - Do not say a little in many words, but great deal in few. #charisma #perspective #strong #selflove #seduce #life #entrepreneur #business #money #sucess #motivation #quotes
No importa lo que piensen los demás. Las personas siempre se juzgan entre sí y, la verdad es que no son muy buenas en eso. No te preocupes por lo que la gente piensa de ti. No fuiste creado para complacer y entretener a todos. Fuiste creado para ser tú, así que siéntete bien contigo mismo.
It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks. People are always judging each other and, the truth is, they’re not very good at it. Don’t put a lot of concern into what people think of you. You weren’t created to please and entertain everyone. You were created to be you, so feel good about yourself.
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Before conflict, we had peace.
Before conflict, we could be children.
School was a place of learning
and development, and where our voices
were heard.
The streets were full of joy and happiness,
where we walked and played.
We remember a life without conflict.
And we know a childhood in peace is possible.
But today we are paying the price
for adults’ war.
We are scared.
Our playground has been transformed
into a dangerous place.
We hide under our kitchen table.
We hear gunshots, bombs and explosions.
We are forced to quit school
and leave our home.
Many of us have lost our parents,
brothers, sisters and neighbours.
We are forced to work, beg or even kill
to survive.
We marry as children and give birth
to children.
We have been tortured, kidnapped,
raped and silenced.
We feel anger, resentment, and sadness.
We go to bed hungry.
Some of us never wake up.
Our present and future have been put on hold.
Do not silence our words and our dreams.
Listen to what we have to say.
Listen to our opinions.
We want the war to stop
– we don’t want to hear a single shot.
Let’s make the past the bridge to our future.
We have big dreams for ourselves
and our countries.”
— My people, these are the voices of the children living in war, from Mali, Sudan, Columbia,Yemen and Syria. Thank you @savethechildren for this brilliant, deeply heartbreaking report. Read the rest of these brave children’s words and the whole repot my friends— it is our world. Where 1 in 5 children live in war...#holyempathy #perspective #childreninwarzones @onemt_  Read the report here:
A Matter of Perspective: Learning how to peer critique was the lesson of the day in Mrs. Miller’s Elements of Art & Design intro. class. Drawing by Victoria W.--a talented exchange student from Denmark.  #art #artcritique #perspective #perspectivedrawing
Day 15 of the Gratitude Challenge: PERSPECTIVE. Watching the news on the Aurora, IL workplace shooting...not too far from where I used to live. Reading about politics and irritating Facebook posts. Lots of negativity and violence in focus today. I decided to pull an Osho card and pulled the Fighting card. At first I was like wow, ok, I guess its just a surrounded by negativity kind of day, but after reading about the card I think it was about finding a new perspective. Insights from this card include, "One moment it was there  another moment it is gone. One moment we are here, and another moment we are gone. And for this simple moment how much fuss we make- how much violence, ambition, struggle, conflict, anger, hatred. Just for this small moment! Just waiting for the train in a waiting room on a station, and creating so much fuss: fighting, hurting each other, trying to possess, trying to boss, trying to dominate- all that politics. And then the train comes and you are gone forever." For me, this means I need to prioritize my emotion/passion/anger and use it to make real change for important issues, but let go of the petty stuff that ultimately doesn't matter (there is one lucky FB stranger who will benefit from my new perspective as I deleted a response message to them haha). As I was writing this post Rebelution's "Change the System" song came on...yep, the message is coming across crystal clear. Have you had any helpful changes to your perspectives lately? In a time when it seems like violence and anger are all around, how can you prioritize which issues get your response and energy? How can you take care of yourself during intense times?

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Piezas que junto el destino #amigas #puzzles #mirrorpic #mirage #perspective #gozando #conamigos
"Events which take place in the world that affect us are 100 %, beyond our control on the face of it. Similarly, what somebody says to us is also beyond our control..... With so much beyond our control, how do we go about taking control of our lives?" -extract from blog post titled 'Taking control of your life'. Read the full post on my bio.

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Realize your full potential lol life is hard, it’s even harder if you’re stupid 🙂 #perspective #ego #journey
I was really touched to see the act of kindness towards a tree in this age of chaos. Thank you Japan. ©Debasis Mandal (iambrahma)
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Can’t see no negativity cuz I gots my LOVE glasses on. #perspective #loveglasses  #seenohate #friyayvibes  #southernaf
Anyone else find comfort in looking out over the world from above? There’s order in the chaos when you see the macro view. Stepping aside the day to day hustle and bustle taking the long view. Seen from a different perspective in order to find perspective. ✨🌎🔮
Lookin Straight up to your Goall.... #amin #design #photography #work #perspective #goal #inspirational
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Amanecer. / (Periférico - Cdmx)———————————————————————
[ By: Adrián Ortega / @panidaestudio ]
——————————————————————— [ #structure #architecture #architecturephotography #streetphotography #building #arquitectura #sunrise #photography #photo #concretejungle #sky #walking #streets #perspective #up #view #concrete #up #red #photoart #urban #urbano #minimal #vintage #city #cdmx #photographer #foto #fotografia #daily ]
A Hundred Bad Days Made A Hundred Good Stories
A Hundred Good Stories Make Me Interesting At Parties
(This pic is old, but the edit is fresh out of Lightroom)
#HappyNationalFlagofCanadaDay ! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 It’s winters ❄️ like this that make me so proud to be Canadian.
My wonderful, 1790's violin made in Hermitage Bridge, London by maker Adam Martin has now been happily, thoroughly cleaned by the wonderful, ultimate cleaner by @laubachviolins, followed up with a coat of violin wax! Laubach's cream-colored cleaner smells AMAZING, and the cotton cloth was black with dirt it cleaned off!

I am also loving the amazing Il Cannone Soloist strings made by @larsenstrings! This wonderful company held a Christmas giveaway, and I have been able to try this higher gauge set. I love the roundness and boldness of the sound! I have played two sets of the medium gauge and love both versions. I think any player should give them a try, because these strings last a long time and sound wonderful!

The past couple of months have seen extreme overhauls in my violin technique. I've been slowly exploring different finger angles with the left hand which have been proving more and more liberating in playing freely, alongside playing almost exclusively with a drone Do pitch for stable intonation. I've also been working daily on the Ševčík bowing exercises to find more and more freedom in double stops and string changes.

I also have been using a new but still cheap bow! It will still be several months before I'm ready to invest in an artist-quality bow. But my new bow has been getting much more, deeper resonance out of my strings and speaks better in the higher positions.

The BIGGEST change, by far, is my new Otto Musica violin pad that I have replaced my shoulder rest with! It makes it so much easier to move my arm and shoulder underneath without moving the instrument, and it allows me to get a proper, more-vertical angle with the instrument! Shifting and string crossings have become so much easier. I can't wait to see what progress the pad will help me uncover! Playing with a shoulder rest was often be a huge deterrent, and I'm so excited to be playing with nothing more than a felt pad!

New videos coming soon. Happy violin playing! 🌟💙⛄️💫🌨❄️☃️❄️✨
Valentines with my ladies. We should do this every night!! ❤️ #wefancy #galentines #valentines #sofull #sogood #happygirl
One of My dream place to visit.
By looking at this photo that i've taken, 
I feel this very simple photo like saying out loud about Peace, Serenity and Dreams.
✌️PS : Goshhh this place looks 
so unreal to me, can't help my self 🤩
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I was going to leave it awhile to post about the new rosin and see a bit longer term. But as is the case with most things, when it's right, YOU KNOW. Period.

Well, it's right. I have finally completed my instrument's sound and sound production. It's that simple. This rosin choice completed it. The Laubach Violins gold rosin is a 100% perfect violin rosin. It gets a crystal clear sound with zero background noise, it's totally reliable where the sound doesn't morph and deteriorate after extended playing, it gets a full color and depth to partner with the clarity and ring, and it doesn't leave the sound at all lacking in power. All-in-all, I couldn't ask for anything else.

By itself, I find violin rosin, even the Laubach gold, incapable of getting the solidity, core, focus, and power I require out of a G string and even a D string. Per advice I found on YouTube, I am now coating my G string with a modest bit of Kolstein Ultra All-Weather bass rosin and do the same with the D string but to a slightly lesser degree. Mind you, you have to be careful. Use too much, and it gives a plastic and tight quality to the sound. But a conservative amount, applied directly to G and D, I find, gets me a perfect power and focus on the low end of the instrument to match the ring of the upper end without sacrificing the sound and color achieved with the violin rosin.

I think I can finally put an end to my searching. It is abundantly clear I have finally found my rosin solution. Laubach's gold violin rosin is even mixed with authentic, pure gold, and the result is flawless. Try it. Please! It could change your playing forever!
As a primarily classically trained singer trained by one of the most celebrated voice pedagogues in the entire western hemisphere, I am hyper sensitive to tone, not just with brightness or darkness, but background noise, holes in the resonance, and detail in the sound that is indicative of the sound production. Since beginning learning violin just over 9 months ago, I've had a real chip on my shoulder to devise the absolute cleanest, detailed sound possible with what I have to work with.

Rosin is something that has proven even more harebrained than string choice. Different popular string lines are highly innovative and have a huge following that can be heard by countless artists. Rosin is an all-too-different affair. What goes into different rosins is a complete and total mystery, and major brands very often neglect devising a truly excellent mixture. Not only that, I have become hyper-sensitive to rosin action on the thicker G string and just received a cake of Kolstein Ultra bass rosin that, when rubbed directly onto the G and D strings, provides the extra grip necessary to secure the lower strings.

But violin bow rosin… A popular IG artist violinist recently posted about a gold rosin produced by a small workshop in Germany called Laubach Violins, and after reading about it, I decided I had to try some. Had to. This rosin includes authentic .999 gold in the mixture, unlike many popular “gold” rosins that were lab-tested to include virtually no gold at all. I also needed a second set of strings on deck to replace my Il Cannone strings when they wear out in a few months, so I got a set of Evah Pirazzi medium strings from them as well that was priced at a discount bundled with the rosin. All of their string orders also currently come with a spare E!

Laubach, however, went above and beyond and included their cleaners, a magnetic pencil, a polishing cloth, and Mozart chocolates as a thank you for sharing my choice with all of you! It almost brought me to tears. As an American bearing witness to a daily war on the poor, war on the youth, and xenophobic war on outsiders, this type of generosity is a gem. Thank you Laubach Violins, and God bless you!
One of the most notable and interesting aspects of violin and viola is shoulder placement. Virtuosos can be seen on some of the world's greatest stages playing with anything from no shoulder rest to spending hundreds of dollars on a Pirastro KorfkerRest. Hilary Hahn is becoming known for her “custom” shoulder rests where she sets the feet tall, cuts off the foam that comes on the shoulder rest, cuts her own thicker foam padding, colors it black with Sharpie, glues it on, and wraps it secure with black rubber wrapping. Anne-Sophie Mutter on the other hand can be seen on YouTube zipping up and down the Sibelius violin concerto in strapless gown with absolutely nothing on the underside of the violin.

What it comes entirely down to is the anatomy and technical needs of the violinist. On Saturday the 27th of October, I will be celebrating 9 months playing violin. My body elements I've become aware of include an exceptionally long neck, a very broad shoulder, and a flat incline from shoulder to chest. Many violinists have narrow shoulders and steep collar-bone area. For me, this is not the case.

What this creates for me is a need for an extremely tall shoulder rest height on the shoulder (G string side) and a low height on the chest end, producing a height at the chin rest to naturally secure the violin with and a reasonably steep angle (virtually always displayed by professional soloists) to comfortably and seamlessly reach high on the lower strings and even upper strings. I am particularly fond of my shoulder rest itself, but the feet were only 0.75", when I easily needed an extra-long 1.25" foot on the G side. Amazon was happy to fit my needs! I used a screw cutter to trim the new foot for the E string side.

I can't wait to begin navigating my instrument far-more-easily with this customization as I close out 9th months of playing!
Instrument quality can be an absolute deal-breaker when it comes to learning a classical musical instrument. How is one supposed to truly focus and zero in on the absolutely-infinitesimally-small coordinations of the wrist and fingers for intervals, when the violin is wailing in your ears? How is a player supposed to pay the strictest attention to exactness of pitch, when the G string doesn't speak, the D string is muted, the A string is strident, and the E string is whistling? How do you hone in on your bowing technique, when the holes in the resonance are grating on your ear?

When I finally decided it was time to truly invest in a quality violin after about seven months of playing, most of the instruments in my (still-rather-high) budget as a non-professional were still a bit harsh-sounding, strident, and lacking in overtones. But something caught my eye with a very elegant-looking, very-dark-varnished, 18th century English violin on their website. As soon as I started playing it, I knew it was the one. The tone was crystal clear, it had upper overtones that weren't strident, the whole instrument vibrated, and it had a deep, warm character to it. It was being sold for almost $10,000 less than it could otherwise easily be worth due to a major repair to the back panel that was done early in its life, a repair that really doesn't compromise much of anything with the instrument.

No one knows how serious they will become about their playing nor how successful. You won't be a beginner forever. You won't be in Suzuki forever. I have no idea where my growing skills will take me, and I don't even call myself a “beginner” anymore. I am what I am. I'm not a label. But what I do know is I feel like true detail work and serious growth began for me with the purchase of this pretty little violin I've grown ridiculously fond of and attached to—made in Hermitage Bridge, Wapping, London UK by Adam Martin in the 1790's—and a fair bit of help from @larsenstrings's Il Cannone! 🎻