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A estrela do American Idol brilhou hoje novamente na final, cantando Unconditionally e Con Calma!! Um anjo mesmo, no auge da beleza!
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Don’t Speak

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Pendulum - Coat of Arms Engraving -
Liberal democracy is passé -
It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them. - Mark Twain
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Multiple SharpieMarker doodles on ThankYou cards for my #wedding 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 ♥️
Song.Tetris ♥️
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Halt!  Pendulum - Warning sign. -
Liberal democracy is passé -
It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them. - Mark Twain
#digitalart #visualart #abstractart #contemporaryart #popart #portrait #surreal #conceptart #instaart #arte #kunst #pictureoftheday #photooftheday #seal #catstagram #shield #amazing #arte #cat #cats #chat #katze #gato #gatto #kot #кот #artistoninstagram #portraitphotography #coatofarms @mark_twain_house
우와~정말 나의 사진이 아트가 된다 라는걸 보여주는 스튜디오 발견.

저희는 사진을 그림으로도 만들어 액자에 담아드린다구요^^ 이렇게 스튜디오 만들고 싶당.🕺🏻 ıllıllı[ 바겔아트 ]ıllıllı

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Dexter Atomicus. Bobo Rococo Dexter. 
No filter, no editing?  You wanna cookie for that?
Franciscan mélange über alles. Claws and fangs!
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Pendulum - Coat of Arms in Imperial Gold
Liberal democracy is passé -
It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them. - Mark Twain
#digitalart #visualart #abstractart #contemporaryart #popart #portrait #surreal #conceptart #instaart #arte #kunst #pictureoftheday #photooftheday #seal #catstagram #shield #amazing #arte #cat #cats #chat #katze #gato #gatto #kot #кот #artistoninstagram #portraitphotography #coatofarms @mark_twain_house
I want to go The Factory, man. Fuk.
I'm sunburnt, exhausted, dehydrated, stinky and hungry, but happy.  This lovely lady left with a piece of me. ❤ "Empath in Headphones" "24x36 Mixed Media on Canvas (Live Painted for Auction for @burgersandbands ) ❤💔❤ #StigmaFree #SuicidePrevention #YouAreLoved #HoldOnPainEnds #PopArt #AbstractArt #UrbanArt #MixedMedia
Anemones. White ones specifically. There’s something about them that’s so pure and a little dark at the same time that I quite love ✨🖤
Finished! (Finally) I have been wanting to draw out the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris for quite some time and it seemed like last week gave me a reason to. This place has meant so much to me. It was the first place I started my mission in France and the last place to finish my 18 month service. I know it means a lot to many people there and all around the world and I’m grateful many people have contributed to rebuilding it from the fire & before I hear another person tell others about how and where their money should go or be used, please think about where you are spending your own money and make some changes in the world yourself before speaking. Also, think about what this place is and means to others. Thanks for hearing me out and following the process on my story. Stoked to have finished this piece and it might go up on my shop here soon so keep an eye out 🖤
A little throwback of my first semester of college before my time in France when I was working a lot with charcoal all the meanwhile not able to resist cross hatching in ink 🤪 I want to make more scullies
First layer of this piece somewhat down. I started it in black and then decided midway that I want the background to be mainly white and so it’s all over the place but I know exactly how it’s gonna look in my head and I’m very stoked to work on it. We are in Vegas for the break and I brought it with me cause I want to work on it. Here’s to hoping that I do... if not back at it next week 🤪
Next portrait of one of the sickest women coming right up. Trying to get a couple of pieces finished before the move and for the month of April. Very stoked to show you guys!
“Ellen” I got her back from the gallery today. Thinking about listing her up on my Etsy shop. She’s my first official portrait in oils so I obviously still have a lot of learning to do with the composition of the face but I’m pretty stoked w/how it turned! I also had a lot of fun doing something different w/textures &am planning on doing it on more works this year 💕 also used @ellyeah as my reference model & it was so much fun!
(Edit: right is SOLD) ✨ Fitz Mystical Eyes ✨ they are posted in my shop and ready to find a new home. Get them before they’re gone :) Link in bio for details. Also I’ll be in Vegas for all of next week so if you’re located there you’ll get it asap.
My lil corner ✨It’s a little all over the place but it’s one of my favorite places to go to come back to my self &create. Still trying to brainstorm ideas for my big new canvas. Hopefully that comes to me this week so I can start it and hopefully finish it before we move to Chicago. I hope everyone has their favorite little spot to realign.
Happy General Conference weekend! Trying my best to fix this oval while me &Jonah listen to the talks✨ it’s a good time
Finally had some time to finish this guy! If you want to see how he turned out come by tomorrow night at The Basement here in Rexburg at 7:30 pm to see it & my other sculpture in the show! Swipe for the details. There will be music & art &who doesn’t enjoy that. Yayyy for end of the semester festivities 🥳🤠🐂 also i just realized I give my art pieces genders hahaha so there’s that. Thanks for looking :)
Happy Monday ✨ A couple of people have asked me what one of my fav prints in my shop is so here she is, “Magic Touch” available in two different sizes. Created during Inktober an everyday drawing challenge during October. Thinking of doing more pieces in this style. I always have tons of fun using ink. Go peep her for more deets link in bio ✨
“Fitz Eye” ✨ My second and last piece inspired by the incredible @kelseyannaf This piece and two others will be in the Healing Exhibit starting April 3rd next week. The reception “A Night of Healing” is Thursday the 4th at 7pm,  I’ll be there for the opening so come by and say hi! Super stoked for this exhibit as it has so much true meaning and power in it. Swipe for the details on where to see it, it’s gonna be great 🤗
This magic ball sticker is so dreamy ✨🔮 there are still lots of my stickers left at @bigfootstickers booth on campus &they are doing 30-60% off till the last day to purchase which is this Wednesday the 3rd! Make sure you get yours before you can’t! Let me know which you’d like, you can view them all in one of my previous posts. Thanks for your awesome support! 🖤
My mystical eye. I am in luvvvvv with how this turned out. She will also be shown in the “Healing” exhibit starting next week being co curated by @jk_hayman more info will be up during the week for the showing. Thank you to my eye model @kelseyannaf &for her incredibly inspiring& unique makeup. Can’t wait to paint the other frame tonight ✨
Side view of the scully sculpt. Frontal view on my previous post. Excited to make more of these cause it looks so sick hung up!! Bout to fill my lil studio space with these 😈 if you want to see my very first wire sculpt scroll ALLLLLLL the way down to my first posts. Thanks for viewing guys :)
Currently in my final sculpting class so I’ve been working on a couple of things throughout the semester. This assignment was wire themed &sculpting things out of wire is always so fun 🖤 here’s a little scully
She is a few fine hairs away from being finished. Yes.. it’s taken me quite a while to finish her up as I started her in February with reference model @ellyeah (one of the most hilarious & strong women ive never met!!) in mind. But I’m super stoked about this one. She will be shown in the “Healing” exhibit along with two others of mine that will be open during the first week of April! Details will be posted up soon. So stoked ✨
Oh hai pretty. Steer scull sticker 🐂 if you know me I’m obsessed with drawing sculls whether they be steer, ram, goat or human 💀 idk where this interest came from but I have them every where in my house with out looking like a total witches lair (not that there’s anything wrong w/that) 🔮✨🖤. Lol stickers available on campus at @bigfootstickers booth or contact me thru dm to pick some out and get in the mail ✨💕
Super excited to be starting finally my paintings for March while finishing up Februaries in time to get it ready for its gallery exhibition next month. I found 2 little golden frames at the thrift store & I can’t wait to paint little treasures on them! ✨

My pal @kamil3jensenart and I have teamed up to do an art print giveaway as we individually prepare to launch a series of new print releases coming soon &to celebrate all of the support &encouragement we have been getting from all of you! My ram print is 8x10 &Kamiles on the right is 11x14 inches!


FIRST: You must be following both accounts @kamil3jensenart @ang.mckeeart 
SECOND: Tag a friend in the comments down below. Each tag counts as 1 entry. The more tags, the more entries you get!
THIRD: Share this post on your story or feed for more entries! 🌞

Winner will be announced Friday 3/15/19 at 5pm! Thanks for your awesome support &best of luck!!
Tomorrow’s Friyayyyy, make sure you end your week to treating urself to some fun stickers ✨ you can get some on campus at the @bigfootstickers booth in the MC on the 2nd floor by the ballroom from 11-2pm!!
A finished little doodle to start this day. I gotta straighten out that border though hehe. I’m having fun drawing cathedrals and castles and temples. Started doing this while on my 18 month service in France where I was surrounded by them. The Salt Lake City temple is always a beautiful sight to see though ✨
Fruity stickers &more &new designs being sold on campus go buy sommmmmmmeeeeeee. @bigfootstickers in the MC 2nd floor next to the ballroom from 11-2pm! 🍋
A watercolor remake of some fruities I pastel painted a couple of years ago. Liked it better before I outlined it with ink so this is the “before.” Maybe I’ll make a print of it &hang it in my kitchen sometime soon. Happy Sunday 🍋🍊
Going through my sketch book. Very proud of some, hate others and some are just totally unfinished but I guess that’s what sketch books are for. I love seeing what’s in other peoples so thought ide share mine, enjoiiiiiiii 🙃✨
Finally had a chance to run upstairs &check out my piece up in the student gallery 🙃 go take a look if you haven’t already there is so much great work up there! (Spori building 3rd floor)
From my trip to New York &The Met last November, Fragmentary Colossal Head of a Youth. I am obsessing over these ancient sculptures lately. They remind me of France cause they are everywhere& in every museum/gallery there.
First layer down. Doing everything I can to avoid starting this hair that I went ahead and finished her neck/chest area hahaha. Here we go.
Very excited about this new piece. Was feeling a little discouraged once I started it because I usually end up pretty unhappy with my portraits in oils but I am loving this gal and surprised at how far I got in it. My goal is one piece a month so I have about a week and a half to finish up letsgoooo
Oooh business cards 🙈it’s official. Launched about 10 different stickers today on campus at the @bigfootstickers booth in the MC by the ballroom! You can find my designs there mon-fri from 11-2pm! And you’ll get a cute lil business card along with it 💙 go check them out! &if you find one you like make sure to tag me cuz ide love to see where you put it!
A fun little doodle of the one & only. I started listening to his music & that of Wu Tang Clan as well as reading their literature in high school &have been obsessed w/their music, king fu style & readings ever since. Seeing them live was even cooler, unfortunately w/out ODB himself. There’s no father to his style and rhythm 🐝⚔️⛩