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Ada'm got married in Anambra today|| STORY TIME

Woke up this morning and our friend who was going to take us from Nnewi to Ada's place fell ill. My heart sunk because, we knew we had to show up for Ada. She was more than a wedding planner to us. She is a sister.

We started looking for alternatives. Most people suggested we do a bike. Not a big deal o but biko, not in another State and at least not in a place we weren't familiar with. Besides, Ada's place is a different Local Government. Chai, I started missing uber and bolt.

Fast forward to a few hours later, I heard a knock on the door and it was Mr. JON. "Ngwa baby, get ready. I found a cab", he said. My face lit up with so much joy because e for pain me if I missed this wedding.

My sweetheart, I am so happy to be a part of your day. So glad that you have began this journey. The Lord is going to do great and marvellous things in your marriage. The battles you fought for me, making sure that I experienced joy on my big day, no wedding planner could have done it for me. I didn't miss being an only girl of my parents because I had you all the way.

Ada, God will bless your marriage with wealth, children, peace and love that can not be broken. I love you and waiting for part 2!

Ps: Ada says I should wear my reception dress for her white wedding. Nne, biko, that dress is for my 5th anniversary when Ejima has come and I have done snatch back😁.
A season X A reason 'when' I wear this piece;⁣
▪︎When the weather is hot⁣
▪︎When I need comfort⁣
Bonus: I don't need to suck belle to make the gown fine😜⁣
Shop the fabric today from @vebafashion and make it your way!⁣
It takes time to learn & get to know your partner 🧠👩🏾‍🏫📖#nopamphletthisabook #steadygrowth #unconditional #embracethejourney #maturity #nourishment #wisdom #norush
Our official price list with all our products. We are currently operational in #Lagos and #Abuja.
#holz😒isover #yugyfoods
If knowing what you want and insisting on it makes you extra, girl go all the way. They will catch up😉!⁣
In other news, who's coming to Bics Garden in Lekki for #mentedemoda? I have my eyes on some pair of shoes from @13eleventhrift. So clean to be thrift, affordable plus N500 discount off every item. Come through!⁣
Fabric: @vebafashion
Happy Easter my lovely insta fam!
#easter #nigeria #abuja #lagos #onlineshopping
Life’s simple pleasures.

#holidays #joy #success #steadygrowth #journey #easter #gratitude
[Beauty of Grace]
You are the fountain of the sun’s light,
I am a willow shadow on the ground. 
You make my raggedness silky- 
The soul at dawn is like darkened water
That slowly begins to say
тнαηк уσυ, тнαηк уσυ.
I feel stunned in this abundance-
Crushed and mesmerized.
No metaphor can say this, 
but I can’t stop pointing to the beauty. 
If every tip of every hair on me could speak, 
I still couldn’t say my gratitude. 
In the middle of these oceans and fields, 
I stand and say and say again, 
and it’s all I say- ι ωιѕн єνєяуσηє
¢συℓ∂ кησω ωнαт ι кησω.
[Grace is a letter to everyone-
You open it. It says, ℓινє [R]➰💌]
[For the Grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people, Titus 2:11]
A day in nature prevails. 
What a glorious post New Moon day, crystals charged, glorious sunshine is in abundance and I am am officially on hols now for 10 days. 
I was flying to ibiza tonight but checking the weather there and here, I decided to use the good weather here and fly out on Tue instead! Best of both worlds, milking every drop of sunshine I can!! Yes I am a sun bunny, Easter 🐣 , no pun intended!! This time off is for reflection, recharge, to get ready for the next third, my business seems to work in cycles as most clients opt for doing 10 weeks with me, they move on well and I then start a new set constantly meeting new clients. I love it 💥

This works perfectly as I get to have good breaks 3 times a year. ☀️ The start to the year has been amazing, I am highly driven and do push myself a lot due to my over leaves, but good progress is being achieved and am well on my way to teach 50 private clients this year, to doing 3 group workshops, the second one starts on 4th May, and to video my lessons to be available on line (later in the year) also starts on my return from hols. 
New website is live, new insta colour feed is running and doing well, social group is formed and 2nd event happens on 22nd May, first newsletter is out, I learnt how to do this, Bidvine is set up as an alternative method to reach clients...
I don’t know where I found the time, but when you focus each day on what needs doing in that moment, you reach goals without really trying!! I am a life path 4, so baby steps are vital to me, to build solid foundations to reach my goals. Having finally grasped the concept of LOA, and mastered sitting in. TRUST, the process is becoming easier.

It’s a continual journey of growth for us all, you can do anything you set your mind to as long as you break it down into baby steps!! What have you achieved this first third, I would love to know?

Have an amazing day, with love Charlie 💜
##goals #babysteps #lifepath4 #holidays #sunshine #kensalgreen #love #knightsbridge #kensington #awakening #steadygrowth #reflection #journey #joy #success
With each new day... Determine to do different and do better. Break your own barriers and burst your myths. Inspire yourself to push your limits.

There's bread for food, but there's seed for the farmer. Bread eating ... Or seed sowing?

Money is a seed too. Are you planting conscientiously consistently. Or are you eating a lot more than you're planting? 
Today... That visage you see in the image, is that of a farmer(me) who has sown another terrific seed. I am so happy. I just created the future. 
Life is deliberate. These things don't just happen. You move your life forward by the things you do with your resources. 
Time. Cash. Skills. Relationships. Opportunities. There's always something to plant. Its the way of the farmer. Farming is an occupation. It occupies you everyday. There's no such thing as one time farmer. 
Farm farmer. Don't eat the seeds with the fruit. Focus on your empire. Protect your vineyard. Tend to your crops. Grow your ability to create more.

Read. Give. Grow. Learn.

#King #moneywisdom #abundance 
#MoneyKing #results #honour #increase #spiritualeconomics #moneymiracles #seedtime&harvest #steadygrowth #privateequity #spiritualinvestments #expectant #allsides #alternativeinvestments
#windfall #grace #greatlyhelped  #always
Even the sunflowers start in the ground. They have to choose to grow passed all the dirt to bring beauty to the world. What if they stopped growing and changing because it was too hard? How much beauty would the world be missing?
I hear you. Growth is painful and those fears and lies can run so deep. Someone didn’t understand us, believe in us, or spoke negativity over us. 
Then we play those messages on repeat.
And let them decide what we’re capable of.
I’m not good at “IT.”
I’ll never be enough.
I’ll make bad choices if I’m successful.
Money or success is the root of all evil.
What if no one else believes in me?
What if they don’t value my work or what I do?
I’m growing so slow, I’m doing it all wrong.
What if I’m not successful? And they were right.
They do it so much better than me.
What if I fail miserably?
Maybe I’m not cut out for this.
Why am I even here?
I should give up.
I’ve heard these lies over and over in life and in business at some point on this journey.
Let’s look around + learn nature’s story of success.
Sunflowers don’t compare or compete to shine.
They simply keep growing + shine because of it.
They never wait for the permission or admiration of others to stand in their glorious strength.
They don’t fear the storms or wind.
They merely strengthen their spines in opposition.
They never slow when other flowers can’t keep up. They don’t act smaller than they are.
Neither do they pretend to be as tall as the trees.
They just hold their heads up high in all kinds of weather and smile at the sky for providing what they need. And the world watches in wonder as they bloom.
Keep blooming friends, you are right where you’re meant to be! 🌻
Remembering the past, yet focused on the future...#reflections #lessons #steadygrowth
Have you met or seen my mum? How true is it that we have the same eyes?⁣
Speaking of my mum, I love her with every inch of breath in me and with each passing day, I adore her even more.⁣
Just the other day, I met a situation my mum dealt with for years. Something she handles with so much grace each time it happens. Yet, I couldn't find a grain of strength to deal the way she does *phew*⁣
It just made me realise that it is one thing to see something happen to someone or be told that it happened. Having to experience it yourself is on a whole new level. You begin to truly appreciate the strength within that person.⁣
To my mum🥂💙💜⁣
#motherhood #family #mylover #photooftheday #steadygrowth #mediagirl
But don’t be satisfied with stories, 
How things have gone with others. 
Unfold your own novel, 
Without complicated explanation, 
So everyone will 
understand the passage- 
ωє нανє σρєηє∂ уσυ [R]➰📖
[Reflect on what is True, write down your silence, give voice to your thoughts, and let somebody read a chapter or two]
Never underestimate the impact of a good plan. This is what separates the wheat from the chaff. .

I will be posting more tips on planning your finances over the next couple of days.
Follow @earnmorefinance and turn on post notifications.
#EarnMore9ja #financialplan #boys2men #steadygrowth #millionaire #nairaland #money
Baby steps toward the water. #reachingdreams #nature #steadygrowth (collage by Ilene Gold)
🌟 Just realised my podcast is OFFICIALLY 5-star rated on iTunes! I feel ridiculously proud of this little benchmark. Taking my crazy idea out of my head and putting it out into the ether has been a really special process so far and I can’t wait for all the growth that’s about to come. 
The fact that I only have 3 reviews is neither here nor there 😂
I just wanted to show you guys how fine @folhuwa_mua and my smartphone made a sister for #Temini.⁣⁣ Can you see how it rubbed off on the brother😜?
Since I don't have personal shots in this dress, more shots coming soon😁 plus an unboxing of my #brozayshoes 💃💃💃⁣⁣
#makeupmonday #asoebibella #friendsofthebride #partygang #lagosparty #lituation #freshkid #lagosmua #nigerianwedding #naijamua #coolkid #steadygrowth #mediagirl
Agate slices. 🌎🌙
Connecting to the energy of Earth, Agate’s gentle vibration creates a slow and steady healing process and is great used during a time of feeling unbalanced.
[Painting Surrender]
The cloud weeps, 
And then the garden sprouts. 
This rain-weeping and sun-burning 
Twine together to make us grow.
Keep your joy sober and 
Your grief glistening- 
So your life will stay fresh.
Soul of my soul, be water in this now-river,
So jasmine flowers will lift on the brim-
And someone far off can notice 
The flower-colors and know,
There’s water here.
“тнє ѕιgη ιѕ ιη тнє ƒα¢є.”
You can look at an orchard and 
Tell if it rained last night,
The freshness is self-explanatory.
“Where can you live safely then?”
“ιη ѕυяяєη∂єя” [R]➰🌿
[Captured a few stills of @danica_layne painting beautifully delicate plants at Team Night a few weeks ago. I hope to remind you [and myself] to surrender to the growing pains of this season- “let the dirt do the work”- continue to remain diligent and patiently present in your sowing, painting and living 🌱]
Thank you, God, for giving me another year of life 🍾🎉😍👸🏾. #newchapter #steadygrowth #birthdaygirl #aries #brownsugar #oneshoulderdress #femmeluxe #luxegal #Roundbag #Actlure #shoes #forever21 😊💫♈️
Fun Fact: My dress is African prints but not ankara.⁣
This is printed brocade made from the finest Egyptian cotton. Hence the longetivity of the fabric.⁣
So yes, I re-rock my VEBA prints even when I add a few inches. I simply loosen the dress to fit😉.⁣
Fabric by @vebafashion.⁣
📸 Mr. JON
All for @omalenze the birthday man.⁣
Men like you remind us not to tight the world to our chest. To simply live for life.⁣
Happy birthday Ugo❤❤❤❤⁣
#birthdaybants #birthdaybehaviour #mylifemyterms #lifetothefullest #gratitude #family #thettaffair #steadygrowth #mediagirl
Whoop whoop! Let's give a big welcome to our new Managing Partner @chrisclow466 . Glad to have you on #theteam 🎉🎉🎉 #steadygrowth #managementteam #realtyonegrouppalmetto #southcarolina #weknowrealestate
I finally got gingered to change my linkedin avatar after a session with Amin and Rashida.The old one had me staring at the ground and I had people in the background.

After going through a tonne of shots, I finally settled for these 2. Ideally, I could have gone nude with my lips but I passed on that. Anyway, I was hoping you could help me pick one of these 2.

PS: @glambykezia and I decided to bring you a quick tutorial on makeup for professional headshots. The video is live on my YouTube Channel (Direct link in bio). Please watch and do not forget to subscribe.

YouTube ID: Oma Ehiri.

#beautylook #professionalheadshots #lbd #littleblackdress #workdress #blackdress #ootd #whatiworetoday #lifestyleblogger #steadygrowth #mediagirl
*To die a young legend or live a long life unfulfilled
'Cause you wanna change the world
But while alive you never will
'Cause they only feel you after you gone, or I've been told
And now I'm caught between bein' heard and gettin' old
Damn, death creepin' in my thoughts lately
My one wish in this bit make it quick if the Lord take me 🙏 #steadygrowth #immortality#entreprenuer #forbes2020 #themarathoncontinues #ripnipsey #legacy 
Check It @axletravel #linkinbio
I’m very thankful for the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon us at Revive Clinics. So grateful to be working with such passionate & professional team of people that make up the Revive. We celebrated this week our new partnership with @dynamitebeautysalon in Fairfield Heights. Keep an eye on the growth that we have lined up for this year God willing & permitting as you will see the Revive name across Sydney & Australia wide. Thank you all for the support that we have had and for believing in us. #partnership #businessgrowth #blessed #steadygrowth #thebestteam #cosmetics #botox #prp
For those who haven’t seen our story yesterday! We’ve updated our website recently and added a messenger for those who wants to ask questions straight to us in the website!🥂💫🌸 Feel free to have a browse at! Remember It’s 📦FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA-WIDE🇦🇺
Happy Birthday to sir Aliko Dangote
African richest business entrepreneur. 
#wealthcreation  #billionaire. #billionairemindset
#entrepreneur  #Business  #hardwork  #consistency  #patience  #innovation  #steadygrowth #Birthday
Bants with the crew 🤣🤣. Now that I think I have your attention, legooo.....⁣
Dear friend, never feel ashamed when things are not going the way you hoped they would.⁣
If that job is no longer giving you joy, stop assuming and start thinking of how to get your joy back.⁣
If that marriage isn't giving you peace, stop being afraid that the world will see you as a failure or hurl abuses at you for a failed marriage. Start thinking of how to get your peace back.⁣
If that business isn't working, don't die in silence. Seek help from people who have the right answers. Don't stay there and be wondering if you should pay for that MASTERCLASS because some people think GOOGLE has the answer. And it does but you know that you need to pick that Aunty's brain sharparly to step up yet you are killing your eyes infront of the screen.⁣
If that friendship is draining you, please feel no guilt going on a detoxification exercise.⁣
If that business is becoming bigger than you, delegate, hire hands that can do the job before you break down mentally.⁣
If that staff is costing you money and bringing you fear, send her on a retreat or send her back to the labor market.⁣
All I am saying is, not every step or decision you take is the right one. It's okay if it was a mistake and you need to take a turn. Make that turn, find your peace, guard it jealously and DO YOU!
Breakfast inspo; our yummy classic banana bread topped with sesame seeds.
Some health benefits of Sesame seeds; 👉Triggers Hair Growth 👉Anti-ageing properties 👉Boosts Skin Health 👉Boosts Dental Health 👉Boosts Digestion 👉Good Source of Energy 👉Stabilizes your blood pressure 👉Helps Fight Stress and Depression.

#wednes💰day #bananabread #healthybread #healthysnacks #healthycookies #nigeria #abuja #lagos #nationwide #yugycee #yugyceeemporium #yugyfoods #instafood #naijaprenoir #chefchi #customerservice #steadygrowth #instagramforbusiness #lagosbizchick #abujabizchick #naijabrandchick
[Co-operating Copper]
I’ve been highly aware of my copper-like tendencies lately [They’re quite unimpressive]; I value the concept of development and change but I also catch myself resisting the process [It’s challenging, unfamiliar and internally strenuous]. I‘ve come to realize, that although it’s hard, the worst thing I can do is harden my heart amidst the adjustments [Sometimes I do this without even realizing it]. Ultimately, time under tension [Easier said than done] will expand the capacity of my abilities- alongside moments of struggle, victory, weakness and strength- there is room for all of it.
[I write this to remind myself, but I also write this to remind you➰🖊 ǝɔɐɹ⅁ ɹoɟ ɯooɹ ǝʌɐǝ˥]
First @fusemg @fuselive.xm & FUSE Health Town Hall of 2019. Needed to use the great space @thespokeclub as we have too many people to do it in-house #steadygrowth #16yearslater #proudlyindependent
I love it when Lagos traffic is not on my to do list💃💃💃
Had to start a new account, I'm getting around to following everyone but if I haven't followed you yet, please follow and I'll follow back! #startedfromthebottom #steadygrowth
Issa buriful day😆.. Have a memorable week.

Same day, different look but I choose comfort😉
The answer to the biggest question in world HOW TO MAKE MONEY ? THE AWNSER IS RIGHT IN FRONT OFF YOU 
Slow and steady wins the race !!!!
Time to start listening .
Warren buffet richest man in America says something you want to BET IM GOING TO LISTEN AND DO IT
#motivationalvideos #positivity #entrepreneurship #investing #passiveincome #growthmindset ##investor #ambition #successquotes #time #slow #steadygrowth #stockmarket #warrenbuffet #amazon
Happily reflecting on an amazing week; a mix of new clients and returning ones. It’s extremely rewarding that people are booking on recommendation or based on what they have seen on social media or my website.
 It’s also incredibly gratifying that clients are rebooking! Setting up any small rural business is difficult and I appreciate all of you adventurous souls who decide to come to my little hut and put yourselves in my hands X
Image @morganharpernichols 
#steadygrowth #building #creating #gratitude #smallbusiness #ruralbusiness #massagetherapy #slaley #tynevalley #northeastengland
Here's some easy Sunday morning vybz 🎧#BEAT4SALE🎧
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A friendly reminder 🌹

#beautybychrysmarie #patience #progress #motivation #steadygrowth
The smile of a girl ready for her next Europe trip. Schegen Visa on lock down. All I need is a flight ticket and hotel booking😉. In the meantime, what's your Friday plan?⁣
📸 @rouvafe⁣
#summeronmymind #schegenvisa #Europe #traveldiary #lifestyleblogger #TGIF #liveyourbestlife #enjoylife #steadygrowth #mediagirl
Extending a HUGE welcome to Gayle Bashir. Our newest realtor. Welcome to the family🎉

#steadygrowth #unlimitedearning #beyourownboss #realestate #southcarolina #realtyonegrouppalmetto #weknowrealestate
No need to announce the future- 
This now is it˙sıɥ⊥
Your deepest need and desire 
Is satisfied by the moment’s energy- 
Here in your hand.
Observe the wonders as they occur around you. 
Don’t claim them. 
Feel the artistry moving about,
˙ʇuǝlıs ǝq pu∀
When you eventually see through 
The veil to how things ʎllɐǝɹ are, 
You will keep saying again and again,
“This is certainly not like I thought it was”
Or, “I cannot praise you as you should be praised. Such words are infinitely puoʎǝq my understanding.” [R]➰⚡️
[A poetic exploration about the limitation of our sight, understanding and intellect; 
For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
1 Cor. 13:12]
📷: @nina_manuylo
"When you make a mountain out of a molehill be ready for the heartache that comes with it. " -TheGift&Grace 
#MindYourReality #FocusonYourFocus #steadygrowth #mindovermatter 

How to order: Send an email to or send a quick direct message (dm) here. 
Better still send a direct message through the link on our bio to our Whatsapp group. 🚫NO FRAUD ZONE🚫


Best buy✔
Affordable ✔
Unique ✔

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We ve been having issues with cost of delivery to ajah.. now opportunity don come oo! Are you staying on ajah -lekki axis?  You can order for our greek yoghurt and granola b4 Thursday 3pm so you can pick up on Friday.  We dey our DM dey wait ooo. Don't let this opportunity pass u by!
Click on the link on the bio to chat directly with us on whatsapp. 
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Have a wonderful mid - week. 
Breakfast inspo;  2 slices of #yugyfoods classic banana bread and a cup of @interceddhealth GANODERMA coffee to ginger up my day😆. Those of u that no d health benefits of ganoderma mushroom will understand wetin I dey yarn. We dey sell healthy bread, comman buy you hear? We dey wait oo..
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We are still in the business of making greek yoghurt, granola, parfait, healthy cookies and banana bread(different varieties). We are one click away!  Click on the link on the bio to place your orders. 
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Transition will move you from your comfort zone to your Growth Zone#embracechange#steadygrowth#blessed.
Just in case , We make d yummiest healthiest banana bread. We make it to your taste; either with oat flour or whole wheat, chocolate or plain, Moringa or plain. Slide into our DM or click on the link on the bio  to place ur orders.  We are always available. 
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What is your new quater goal?

This morning I woke up with a better understanding of how valuable my time is. Being overwhelmed is valid but never an excuse for mediocrity because it can be addressed.

You need to put into perspective everything that requires your attention and begin to schedule them appropriately.

I found it interesting when a business coach told us at her training that she schedules call time for her dad. In my head, I am like I need to do that not just for my dad but friends, clients, staff and the rest of the family because these personal relationships matter as much. I can't keep expecting those close to me to understand that life is happening to me. I need to just find a way to be in touch.

This quater, the goal is to not just be busy doing everything and feeling tired, overwhelmed, sick and all. The goal is to be busy, optimally productive and in good health. To do this, I will set a goal for each day including social networking and family time.

Fabric: @vebafashion
📸 @rouvafe

#lifestyleblogger #mylifemyterms #April2019 #ankarafashion #ankarastyle #asoebibella #ankarastyles #onmyterms #lifegoals #steadygrowth #mediagirl
May this April and this quater be colorful bright and elegant like this parfait. May it bring forth greater things in your lives. Thank you for being part of our 1st quater! Much love!
#new🤑month #newmonth #naijastartup #customerservice #steadygrowth #instagramforbusiness #lagosbizchick #abujabizchick #lagos #abuja #nigeria
To our mummy, Mr. JON's first love, for all you do and more, God bless you. Thank you for spending mothering Sunday with us. It means the world to me!!!!⁣
#mothersday2019 #familytime #motheringsunday #womenshistorymonth #celebratingwomen #phenomenalwoman #steadygrowth #mediagirl
The woman who sees all my hidden tears and shares in my pain. The one that stays up to fight all my battles. I don't need a mirror or anyone to validate me. She constantly tells me how beautiful I am.

I remember the days when I will dress up to head out and my mum will just be like, 'chai, nne'm, na me born you'. Then she will go on to praise me. I mean if we were Yorubas, my mother's oriki for me will be second to none.

Na me suppose they call and text o, she has called me today to pray for me, sent me text messages and as usual, reminds me how valuable I am.

Happy mother's day my jewel of inestimable value!

#mothersday #motheringsunday #mothersday2019 #mamamia #motherdaughter #motheranddaughter #mylife #family #familylove #steadygrowth #mediagirl
You knock at the door of possibility, 
Shake your flightless doubts,
Loosen your shoulders-
αη∂ σρєη.
The grief of what you’ve lost lifts a mirror,
Up to where you’re bravely living.
Expecting the worst, you look, and instead-
Here’s the joyful face you’ve been wanting to see.
Your hand opens and closes and opens and closes.
If it were always a fist or always stretched open, 
You would be paralyzed.
уσυя ∂єєρєѕт ρяєѕєη¢є ιѕ ιη єνєяу ѕмαℓℓ ¢σηтяα¢тιηg αη∂ єχραη∂ιηg-
The two as beautifully balanced and coordinated 
αѕ вιя∂ωιηgѕ➰🐦 -
[Pieced together some random footage I had to express a few ideas through visuals and words- [Chase the light, stay open to Grace and unexpected Joy hidden around every corner, choose to appreciate the majestic in the mundane] My sister shot the palm tree moments of me near the Opera house, I wish you could see the actual outtakes- [I did not want to do it and gave her lots of sass] thanks for creating with me anyway @nina_manuylo 💚🌿]
Please raise your hand if the year is just about to take off for you in Quater 2!

Like I said at the beginning of February, our go seasons are different. Someone may have their bread ready while you are still mixing your flour. It does not make you a failure. It just means you are getting ready.

Been in and out of trainings since the last quater of 2018 and Today was yet another but the last. It's now time to act on all that I have gathered in the past 6months. I wish me and all who are getting ready to act, all the best!

Hair: @sthairandbeauty 
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Looking forward to #streaming some #brawlstars tonight! I go live in fifteen minutes, come hang out! Lots of tokens to earn 😎

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