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The land of giants🏔
muy serioso
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▵ CØNCRETE JUNGLΞ (3/3) | @kusobao #vibrvncy #nikelab #acg
🏢 #35mm #filmphotography #streetphotography #hongkong
Teruntuk kamu yg pernah menyia2kan perjuanganku :) hiya hiya hiya
Dark knights
dont let your fear destroy you!
Would you share your flaws with me? 🌻: @theesperanzamaria #ynkw #youneverknowwhen
James Blake | Barefoot in the Park

Disetiap diri manusia pasti memiliki perubahan ketika bertambah usia
Blacked out,
Everything's faded on your love,
I’m already wasted, so close
That I can taste it now, now
So let’s break right out of these guilty cages
We’re going to make it now
Don’t ever turn around
Nobody else needs to know
Where we might go
We could just run them red lights
There ain’t no reason to stay
We’ll be light years away
We could just run them red lights
White lights, flirt in the darkness
This road leads where your heart is
These signs, something we can’t ignore no
#tiesto #redlights
I share little bits and pieces of my writing here and there, but the last time I actually published my writing on my blog was in July of 2018. I had a sudden urge to write after my son went down for a late nap at 6pm today after making dinner with one hand and bathing with him —feeling completely overwhelmed and this is what I got.. here’s to the mamas. 🖤
Day nines a wip
Slime Flu 🤧🐍🐍
#makeportraits #sonyalpha
Chiang Mai, Thailand.
If you recognize anybody from the video or know anyone who attended the meet tag them! 
If you want to view in full screen check my IGTV

#filmedbydoja #subtleasianphotomeet 
Song used:💽nick pacoli - lay //
So when the weather breaks, I'll pull my hoodie up over my face, I won't run away
de mi no te escapas.
Energy shift 🌻: @theesperanzamaria #ynkw #youneverknowwhen
Editor went crazy 😱
🎥: @blottermedia
|Week 4| 
I have so much to be thankful for,
good times & good start, so far. 
hoping it will continue. 🙏🏻 And also, may we all heal from our anxietyshits & depressive states that keeps on eating us, especially on our alone times and may we all find peace of mind and true happiness in the upcoming days.

Laban. ✊🏻☝🏻 .
#2019 #newyear #vscox #vsco #vscoph #philippines #photography #mobilephotographyph #mobilephotography #architecture  #architect #architecturephotography #streetdreamsmag #streetphotography #artofvisuals #streetstyle #visualmemories
My God isn’t finished yet
If He did it before He can do it again
So I’ll trust Him with what comes next
For the God I know is known for faithfulness.
Merry Christmas!
I’ve always found it easier to express myself through visual art more than any other form. I have yet to find a definitive answer to the meaning of life. I sought meaning, expressing it through forms of art.
× Vol. 3
A walk through acid rain.
I always believed that people are adept in sensing the thoughts and sentiments behind every creation. Even when meaning isn’t immediately clear to our conscious state of mind, the subject is inclined to become more fascinating when it finds its way into our subconscious.
× Vol. 3
When I looked out from rooftops during nights like these, I could lead myself to believe that if reality looked this good, then the things I dreamt of could be reality too. While setting up the tripod for a longer exposure, I came to the realization that this shot was one that held sentimental value.
× Vol. 3