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By far the most interesting and intense staring contest I’ve ever participated in. I definitely lost.

From a strange encounter with some wild horses on the backroads in Arizona. #squadgoals
St. Nicholas peak, one of the most striking mountains that I can think of in the Rockies. Fortunate to have climbed it with some friends on our second day traversing the Wapta Ice Field over the weekend. Weather conditions starting out weren’t looking to great but once we neared the summit the clouds parted and we were rewarded with a view!
Sharing this I can’t help but think of the three climbers that died in an avalanche a few days after this not far from here. My thoughts go out to them and their families, it’s a truly tragic situation. Stay safe out there, cherish each day, let your loved ones know how much you love them!
While floating down the river I was thinking about how the only thing missing from the trip was culture and local interactions. There were no clues that you were actually in Mexico otherwise. Later that day a young boy who was spear fishing curiously came around the corner after spotting our campsite. He was shy and didn’t say much but once I left our group and started taking some photos down the river he came over to me and we spoke briefly about what we were each doing down there. Before he left he asked if I could take a photo of him. Grateful for that small interaction and a sense of place.
8 days spent paddling between towering canyon walls that slowly transitioned from a dry desert to a lush jungle. I can’t remember the last time I’ve spent that long with no service, fully engaged in conversation and present in each moment with no distractions. Feeling incredibly refreshed, privileged and grateful for the experience. It was an adventure it’s self just to secure permits and find someone to haul us and our gear back out of the canyon. I can’t thank @moonmountainman enough for all the work he put in to making this possible. Still buzzing. Looking forward to sharing more from the trip!
Sunrise intercepting the moon.
“Fernie Ski Patrol, a group of professionals who really like skiing powder.”
A few photos from my time shadowing the patrol team, getting an inside look at what goes on in order to keep the ski hill safe. Not the worst job ever...
undulatus asperatus AKA it’s gonna storm AKA hide yo kids, hide yo wife AKA damn nature you scary AKA the skiing is gonna be real good.
Literally minutes after arriving at the edge of the canyon the white out snow storm ceased and the clouds slowly lifted to this reveal this view. Words nor photos will do it any proper justice.
Thankful to have experienced this moment and grateful for the Hopi First Nation for allowing access on their special and sacred land.
January 2019
A little bit of snow, sun and cloud can make a world of difference.
Sometimes you spend days hiking in rain and thick cloud to not see a single thing and then there’s times when this happens out of nowhere 🤷🏼‍♂️
Sort of reminds me of an outdoor brands logo..
Scouting the next days lines under the full moon light.