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📍raising my 5 little new yorkers in NYC 👶🏼👶🏼new twin mama ❤️married to @tiesandfries 👋🏻💌[email protected] ☀️️👇🏻celebrating family, motherhood & life!

Looking back through our photos from Rome. What a beautiful city. I was definitely in my happy place taking it all in last week. And, something worth noting for fellow travel lovers -- @tmobile includes unlimited texting and data in 210+ countries which means I've had a solid connection since the moment our plane landed in Italy. It's made exploring, using my maps, capturing a memory and sharing a moment hassle-free while being abroad. Thank you, T-Mobile. I'm one happy girl. #ad #TeamTMobile
Pausing mid block in Florence to help a tired baby fall to sleep better by breastfeeding for a moment. Traveling with kids and babies comes with a lot of pausing. Pausing to go to the bathroom, to get a snack, to go to the playground, to run or jump, to go to the bathroom once again and then to do something very important like chase pigeons next to the building you actually came to look at😉... but there is magic that also happens when traveling with little ones and I cling to it in between trips. The bonding taking place, the experiencing of something new together for the first time, the adventure. It’s actually a lot of fun once you get past the part where you realize it is not a vacation. And while sure, I like to say you can call it parenting in a different place (hopefully a more exciting place?), I have noticed that when I slow down and pause with my children while on an adventure, I learn so much more. I enjoy the time with them, and our time together in this new destination, too. The itinerary isn’t jam packed with everything I’d see/eat/try if I were here solo, we have playgrounds mixed in and long afternoons and evenings unaccounted for... we see where the day takes us. And while the day still comes with rather high highs and extremely low lows (hi, life. Hi, parenting)... it takes us to some of our favorite moments and memories made together. With a lot of pausing. Some really beautiful meaningful pausing I am learning to cherish.❤️
After this photo we ate one of our favorite meals from the trip together right by the Duomo and also had some of the best gelato of our trip. The night felt extra relaxed and fun and who knows why (finally on the proper time zone?!) but we loved it. Thanks to the stranger who knelt down on the ground to get the shot....I didn’t ask him to do that and I was seriously crying happy tears inside as I realized he knew what he was doing and we were about to get a photo of our entire family AND the duomo in the frame.😂 Our final night in beautiful Florence before we start making our way back towards Rome was💫❤️🎉 #familytravel #italy
So Beatrice might have slept through that first gelato in Rome (see a few posts back), but she certainly made up for it in Florence.🍧#gimme #babysfirst #hadto #causeShesInItaly
After seeing this photo I was mad at myself that I didn’t prioritize washing my hair this morning but I needed the extra twenty minutes of sleep. And I like my blue hat, okay!?🤦🏻‍♀️Also, this view. Does it even matter with this view?!🙌🏻 #florence #italy #familytravel
Why are carousels so magical?!💫We piled onto this one three times before dinner one evening since it was such a hit. #florence #italy
🇮🇹We had the best afternoon making our very own homemade pasta 🍝 in Florence! It always feels like a success when we can enjoy an experience together as a family that connects the place we’re visiting to something we enjoy everyday back home. And now I have three skilled pasta makers that are anxious to “do this every single day!”😂❤️ more photos and stories on the blog today, link in profile. #pasta #travelingwithkids #italy
We found a playground! These two aren’t mad about it.🎉🎉
It feels like a dream. At the same time, trying to keep my tired eyes open wide enough to see and remember it all.💫 #travel #florence #italy
This isn’t what it looks like🇮🇹😎🍧 but hey while I have you here, eating gelato after every meal as well as before each meal is totally okay, right? ...asking for a friend.
Actually, forget what I said about that little yellow fiat 500 for a minute. Can we discuss this adorable tiny one seater that has stolen not just mine but also Eleanor’s heart?! #bestillmyheart #italy
So good, we maybe went two nights in a row🍕🍕🍕 #gustapizza #florence #pizzalife