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📍raising my 5 little new yorkers in NYC ❤️married to @tiesandfries 👋🏻💌[email protected] ☀️️👇🏻celebrating family, motherhood & life!

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No one ever tell Madalena about free climbing, please! She can never know such a thing exists!🧗🏻‍♀️🏆😅 #babyclimber #alwaysonthemove #imsweating
A few photos from Saturday (more on the blog right now) after gardening on the Upper West Side, seeking out our favorite pancakes in Tribeca, a lengthy stretch of time parked at the playgroud swings and sandbox at the nearby pier after, and then walking exactly 1 mile sideways and up – in search of 88 flavors of ice cream... where most of us still ordered the simple vanilla and most basic strawberry and chocolate flavors because you know, we can be risk takers on occasion – but we like to stick to what we know best most of the time🍦😏#saturdays #citylife #momlife #ontheblog
It’s the middle of May and the puffy suits had to be pulled out from the back of the closet for one last (better be one last!) hurrah. And to think I had told Samson last night he could wear shorts to school today😂🤦🏻‍♀️💨💦🌊
I wanted to share this sweet cake on here yesterday but got sidetracked and forgot until now🤦🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💕BUT I woke up to a homemade chocolate cake for breakfast- with ample amounts of frosting and a rather deliberate placement of every possible sprinkle we had in the apartment - which had me feeling all the feelings yesterday as I ate cake at every single meal. Thanks to my older three kiddos the sweet surprise. Probably more thanks should go to Josh for supervising and most likely squashing a lot of little arguments and fires in the process as well as keeping the kitchen in a somewhat tidy state during the endeavor while also handling both babies because I signed off at 6am handing them both over to him since they were so very wide awake and chatty so I could go lay in a big X on my bed with the blankets over my head and sleep all alone for a few more hours. But back to the cake, have you ever seen one so pretty?!💕💕💕Cake for breakfast needs to happen more often. It was awesome.
Feeling loved😎 Happy mothering day to all the women who mother! 💕 #happymothersday
Love a lot about this photo with my babies from earlier today but mostly just love seeing M fisting an entire slice of bacon 🥓 from breakfast which she made sure no one took away from her as we carried on. Bless her heart, she knows the good stuff. ❤️ #happyweekend #mybabies #bacon 🙌🏻
Night out at the ballet with my love and just crossing all our fingers and toes the kids and babies are sleeping for our babysitter back at the apartment 🤞🏼🙏🏻😬😎 #datenight
Reading story books is a daily ritual in our family but bedtime stories one on one with my kiddos is my favorite time of the day (probably because it’s more rare for me with the babies these days to get this one on one time at bedtime since someone is always wanting to be latched onto mama😅) BUT! When we do get to read books just us, anyone else like to sometimes pretend their kiddos name is in the book or that it’s talking about them?! It always draws Conrad in extra! @shutterfly now has story books that do just that with more titles and ways to personalize coming out soon. #MyShutterfly #sponsored PS-the imagery in this one -Sweet Dreams Conrad- is unbelievably pristine and special✨💫
In my latest blog post, I talk about how I started compiling a summer bucket list for our family and then I scratched the entire thing. Sharing some of my thoughts here too about it since I know my readers vary on both platforms. Anyway! A bit from the post:

I wrote down all of the things I wanna squeeze in during our summer days together from fire fly catching and kite flying in central park to family bike rides all the way over the brooklyn bridge. It started getting lengthy, and very full. And long. So very long. And then, because of my current habitual state of always being overly tired, I yawned while reading it over. And then, realizing my madness, I canned the list and started a new one.

It’s a summer bucket list for myself. And it doesn’t consist of much. It’s more of a self-love sorta list, a slow down and take things off your plate – not add to it – kind of list.  It reads in a way that gets me excited for these warm months ahead. Because I only have the bandwidth for so much, and no more. And it takes a toll on everyone (and ME) when I exceed my own personal bandwidth and think I can do more. With less sleep, with less time. It’s a joke and it’s a trap. I think we all know this deep down but we keep trekking along full speed thinking it won’t affect us the way it might brains are so cute sometimes🤯

I share more about my personal summer bucket list on the blog but the short of it is...The kids will be fine, the family will be fine. We’ll still get out each day and do things together.  We’ll maybe catch fireflies and maybe we won’t. We’ll take the bikes out, but perhaps not all the way across the brooklyn bridge. We’ll laugh and cry and make memories and have fun. But this year, we aren’t starting the warmer months off with a big to-do list and I think mama is gonna have her best summer ever because of that.

You are welcome to join me!Write your own personal summer bucket list which has nothing to do with your kids or anyone else. Just you! Even just two things.Write them down and if ya fancy, don’t even share them w/ anyone. Just feel that warm sunshine on your face and have the best most amazing slow and enjoyable summer ever!☀
Wandering Governors Island yesterday (we were happy campers over there between The Yard, some food trucks and all those fun slides!) Took this photo on the walk back to the ferry to Manhattan, which we barely caught with maybe 12 seconds to spare - I have shin splints today to prove it! 🤣 #family #nyc #happyweekend #governorsisland
We spent the day on Governors Island (just below NYC) where our kids hammered and sawed and built with all sorts of materials to their heart’s content at @play_groundnyc (swipe for videos + more on my stories). Have any of you been to playgrounds like this before with your kiddos? They don’t allow parents inside (you sign a waiver and just let them be!). The entire set up really spoke to me, and I think it’s nothing short of genius. #governorsisland #nyc
This time last year - when my twin belly worked well as a built-in table for all my snacks 🍊 (but more like 🍰🧁🍩 let’s be real) #throwbackthursday #verypregnant #twinpregnancy