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2 months ago

A few months shy of our 12th wedding anniversary (plus 5 sweet kids later that sometimes make that number feel 70 years longer), I've come to learn the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day (and any special occasion, really), isn't with a fancy dinner or box of chocolates or tickets to a beautiful show (although those things are certainly nice and wonderful, too! I mean, CHOCOLATE, HELLO!!!). But when you get down to it, it's prioritizing time together.... however we can get it! Running errands together sans kids, a short walk around the neighborhood just us, sitting on the bathroom floor in the dark after all the kids are asleep having a conversation outside of the children, the work, the scheduling and calendaring and appointments and everything else that is always so consuming, for ten minutes. For even six. Or just reaching across the sticky dinner table filled with children and a lot of mashed up peas underneath to hold each other's hands in a sort of "I see you over there and I love you" way which can truly mean everything when you're in the throws of a chapter of life that wants to yell "THE CHILDREN COME FIRST AND NOT YOU OR YOUR MARRIAGE OR...." but we all know that's not true. And time, however you can get it with the one of you love benefits everything else and your babies, too. It just does. So don't feel bad about taking it. I thought it might be appropriate in the midst of the hustle and bustle of this Valentine's Day season, to put that little message out as a reminder for any other parents in the midst of the chaos and long nights and tired eyes. To find the ten minutes somewhere in the day to take together, and know it's okay if they aren't filled with special plans, just make the minutes, and make them count. ❤️ video in collaboration with the talented @ashleylaurenvideo