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This post approved by a misbehaving third grader
We’re cleaning out Dad’s house and found some keepers. Like my 3rd grade report card. According to Mr. Mackey, “Some of Becky’s behavior has been inappropriate. My criticism of her actions has not been well received.”
Marty’s big project is hitting the market! First open house this weekend. (I hear the neighbors are lovely).
Happy Sunday!
You can plant your own poppies
Happy Sunday!
When you’ve been asleep since A Star is Born was a frontrunner...
Happy Sunday!
Happy Sunday from the ‘Bu!
I’m honored to be watching the Oscars with these women from the National Domestic Workers Alliance.
Did we do it right?!
Freshening up for Oscar Sunday. Thank you, @cynthiarouth @goodformsalon!
🐕 🛀
Afternoon light on the flowers
Thank you for the gorgeous photos with my @brielarson cover, @danascruggs!
Sundance Day 4: An Ode to Visine
At long last, I enter the lair where the THR Sundance ring-toss deer lives
The hottest party of Golden Globes weekend was the Sperling twins’ b’nai mitzvah. Good luck topping this one, HFPA!