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Thank you for the gorgeous photos with my @brielarson cover, @danascruggs!
Sundance Day 4: An Ode to Visine
At long last, I enter the lair where the THR Sundance ring-toss deer lives
The hottest party of Golden Globes weekend was the Sperling twins’ b’nai mitzvah. Good luck topping this one, HFPA!
According to #topnine, people like when I share photos about movie-related moments and my dog. I guess that’s my brand. My personal top nine would be heavier on nature and friends and family.
Happy 75th birthday, Michaelene!
Merry Christmas! Savor it!
When you have a bunch of important Christmas Eve deliveries to make and your humans are taking forever to get rolling.
Thank you to my cookie making assistant, @amykinla! And to @ceebeemoore and @amymcg1 for your recipes.
The giant Rulebreakers issue of THR is out and I wrote the cover on Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Come for the gorgeous @andrew__hetherington photos, stay for the #CoupleGoals. Link in bio.
Decorating is exhausting
When you run into @nsperling2000 in the makeup room and talk the producers into letting you do a segment together... (We are available to host the Oscars as well!)
Dude is a good boy at bars.
LA friends, if you’re looking for a beautiful turnkey home in a neighborhood with great public schools, this Martin Keegan original in Agoura is just hitting the market.
Awards season emergency! Normally the tortoises go to bed for the winter after the Governors Awards, but the Governors Awards are late this year. Morticia got tired of waiting and dug herself in under the shed. We can’t get her out, so Gomez is going alone. 😬
Good morning, LA!
Good friend, good cocktail. What else do you need?