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Want to grow and glow like @lorie__k and @laurah__k_ ?😍😍 Come get all human hair bundles, wig caps and closures from us..Super affordable and long lasting.. Dm, call or WhatsApp us today for yours.
Our body wave hair is everything you could ever ask for😍🤷‍♀️visit our shop for all your affordable human hair and it’s closures. 2 or 3 bundles is enough to make the magic. Hair inches ranges from 10 to 24. Call or WhatsApp 0545754674 for your orders🌹💯Wig caps also available😉
What’s a Saturday without Ordering for your Water wave bundles and wig caps from @the_hair_plug_gh ?🙁 Ours has the lowest prices amongst others. Grade 8a human hair and comes with its closures.. All you need is a touch of water and your curls will bounce back looking new and fresh all over again.. Dm, call or WhatsApp to make your order.. We do deliveries too😊🌹
Every good long lasting hair depends on the type of closure you use and that’s why @the_hair_plug_gh , we have the best of closures compared to none..It doesn’t tear, fade or get weary and grows weak. Ours can actually last you for centuries and you’d see no fault.. Why don’t you dm or contact us for all your hair bundles, wig caps and quality closures at affordable prices😉😉🌹
Crushing on this look?😍 It’s high time you come get your deep wave and water wave bundles with its closures from us. We’ve the best deals on every hair you purchase. We’ll provide you with quality human hair at no cost at all. Stop contemplating and dm to make your order or call/WhatsApp 0545754674🌹
Deep wave or tight loose wave?😍Our Hairs are Tangle free.. no shedding.. Can be dyed, dipped in water and it still remains the same even after ages.. Waste no time to order for your quality hair bundles and closures from us❤️😊
It all starts with your hair😍 Adorable @lorie__k  and @laurah__k_  always glow because all their hair related problems are attended to by @the_hair_plug_gh .. Pass by our shop and grab yourself our wide range of hair bundles and closures.Wig caps are also available. You can dm too and contact us on 0545754674. Always ready to Serve you❤️
Don’t go with curly everyday.. Try our straight Hair Bundles in 22 and 12 inches with its closures.. Has a good texture, natural feel and never gets tangled..100% human and super soft..Make an order via dm..Or pass by our shop on the Adjringanor road😉😎
Hey Cutie😍 @tynnah_nexes .. She absolutely loved this hair from @the_hair_plug_gh and you can too.. She’s wearing 2 bundles of our tight loose wave plus a 12 inches closure.. You can get this and many other more from us at a low price.. WhatsApp or call 0545754674 to make an order or for any hair related enquiries.. You can dm here as well🌹❤️
Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be if you get your Water Wave bundles from @the_hair_plug_gh .. Providing you with quality human hair at a low cost is our priority. Wig caps are still in stock..Why don’t you Pass by our shop today and pick up yours or better still Dm to make your order.. Doesn’t matter where you’re.. we’ll get it delivered to your doorstep🌹👌
This is Our tight loose wave curly hair (bouncy curls)...
We love our hair extra bouncy so to get a very full head,use three bundles .......
You can use two bundles as well ,all depends on preference....
Kindly call us on the number in our bio
Don’t forget ,you can dm us as well to place order..
Delivery services are available as well
Achieve this same look and even more with our deep wave bundles.. available in your preferred inches from 10 to 24 with closures to match it..Running out of stock currently so waste no time to order yours❤️
The deeper the waves, the better for you😍 Get your deep wave bundles and closures from @the_hair_plug_gh today..It’s tangle free, smooth and the good news is,You can actually keep this hair for a year and more..It’s guaranteed ✋✋Doesn’t Matter where you’re located.. We do worldwide deliveries so worry less about how you’ll get yours if you can’t visit the shop.. Or better still, we can be found on the Adjringanor road, just a minute or 2 drive from American house..Contact or make a dm to place your order💕😊
Good hair speaks louder than words😍 Come get your silky straight hair from @the_hair_plug_gh .. U don’t spend much because ours is extremely affordable despite its good quality..Available in 22 and 12 inches with matching closures too🔥
How our water wave looks like when it’s dry😁😁😁
Don’t miss out on this amazing deals from @the_hair_plug_gh
Your boring hair days are over with our Luster And silky Body wave bundles. It’s a grade 8a 100% human hair with wavy patterns that still stays even after you’ve worn or fixed it for centuries. Talking about the softness, give it a try and you’ll come back asking for more of this hair. Wig caps also available. We’ve in stock 10 to 24 inches with its closures also ranging from 8 to 14..Waste no time to make an order today.. Dm, call or WhatsApp us on 0545754674 and we’d be more than glad to serve you❤️
Want your hair to be as great as your day? Then this is the great deal for you. Allow me to reintroduce our Unique Water wave to you. It’s of higher quality and guess what, you don’t need any special hair oil to keep it in good shape.. All you need is a drip of water and your waves will bounce back, looking all new, fresh and soft like never before..Dm to place your orders or simply send a text or make a call via the contact 0545754674 and we’ll be glad to serve you💕❤️
Ask the adorable @lorie__k how soft and silky the loose wave and she’s gonna tell you. The softness never leaves the hair even after a long while..It’s 100% human and the best part is, it comes at an affordable price compared to other hair providers..2 or 3 bundles and a closure is enough to make a full hair..Contact for yours or visit our shop on the Adjringanor road and pick yours💕😍❤️❤️❤️