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Editor in Chief NY-LON 🇬🇧🇺🇸 Now We Are Forty: Whatever Happened to Generation X?

Heading into Easter weekend like ✨🌞🌸
@harrods 👌🏼
I mean WOW
@pppiccioli @maisonvalentino @naomi Pre Fall
Not your normal platform views
Introducing APRIL our prettiest yet ✨ Gorgeous @laurabaileylondon and @thetripletsss take the covers in @dolcegabbana and @prada 
Dream all girl team on Laura’s cover  @nadiaryder @thedeepkailey @staceyduguid ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Dramatic beauty for the Trips from @jasonhetheringtonstudio @barneypickard @johnvialhair @katieservicebeauty 🌓🌓🌓
INSIDE: Glorious fashion from @bettinalooney @alexbramall @nataliewj ... musings on craft from @markhooper ... and a platform for the amazing @platformpresents girls @isabellamacpherson and @galagordon who are reshaping performance for women ... new spring trends for your home picked by the one and only @michelleogundehin and the wonderful writer Ed Docx (him over on Twitter) goes in search of the worlds most delicious ham
Because life is for living @harrods #artofthepossible
OH NO - WE LOST HER DOG. After years of looking after our children, endless babysitting, patching up hairy childcare arrangements and showering our family with gifts, care and generosity, @spicerlife leant us dear Wolfy for one night while she went away and...we lost him. He belted out the door and never came back. During every day he was gone I could think of nothing else other than what it would be like if it was my child. It was hell on earth. But while the McCanns got a Netflix show, Kate got a book deal. And lucky publishers, because it’s incredible. Unflinching Spicer comedy better than you’ve ever read before, but with raw, heartfelt, guttural horror in there too. And that’s just her portrayal of Alpha Media Bitches (😬). First chapter is vintage Notting Hill Hell. 
Favorite line? “‘I suggest you put the lid back on the tequila Kate.’ He turns on his loafers without looking at me standing several feet above him, naked, on the kitchen counter, one elbow on top of the fridge and an eggcup of booze in my hand. ‘Sssmescal, actually.’”
Photo @sam_spi.cer
Thomas Heatherwick’s Vessel is one massive selfie machine. It’s the perfect homage to our times: massively arrogant consumption of space, beautifully engineered as a backdrop for photographic record. Couldn’t resist. Loved it
Too busy earnin...
Interviewed someone today who said she spent a quarter of her life on work, a quarter on purpose, a quarter on family and a quarter on fun 
#priorities #moregigs
Do you know what the Broken Suit is? How to style the new oblique suit? Are you a sportswear refusenik looking to smarten up? Head over to @harrodsman IGTV where style hero @teovandenbroeke explains the craft of the 21st century man. Added bonus: it’s not Brexit.
My kind of woman. Coming for you Lady Miss Bay 💙✈️
Call time! 23 minutes until the inaugural @harrods Fashion Breakfast ✨
Breakfast with Tiffanie, and @staceyduguid and @amandahill114 in the sumptuous @harrods Penthouse. Frocks will be worn. Elegant tea will be drunk, secrets will be shared ...
Launched!!! So excited to share that the incredible @mariella_frostrup is hosting our new @harrods podcast TRUE TALES OF LUXURY. Believe me, deep research went into this 🤩✨🤩✨🤩✨
Download it now, link in my bio
Co-production with the amazing as ever @almac103 @sunshinecompany 
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Thanks to all our guests @mrstephenwebster @roksandailincic @amandawakeley @jackson_boxer @terrydegunzburg @chromochrome
Are we talking about the archive mining at Celine? Or where the nearest toy shop is so we can guilt bribe our kids? @mariamilano @harrods ❤️🇱🇺👭
Let’s all be more like this guy 🤩
Paris, I ❤️you
Follow the @harrods fashion team over on our @harrodsman @harrodsbeauty and @harrods feeds. This is shaping up to be one gorgeous fashion treat of a week ✨
Photo skills belong to @louiserosenthemessageinc - she only had to take 427 to get one that I liked. Lou Lou I ❤️U
Girls trip Milano 💥💥💥💥#squadgoals @harrods @katieservicebeauty @staceyduguid @mariamilano
When you’re posing for shots for @harrods with the fashion plate that is @staceyduguid - and actually the photo bomb moment is so much better 🇮🇹🌺💥
That’s over and out from me, @katieservicebeauty @mariamilano and the rest of team @harrods at NYFW. Passing the baton on to London and @staceyduguid ... see you in Milano 🇭🇺💃🏼
Beautiful Oscar @oscardelarenta 🖤