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Miriam Pineda


22🌱/ sometimes I have a good voice♪/ coffee addict☕/ bookworm 📚/ dog lover 🐶

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All the good girls go to hell 🔥
Start with a kiss, end with a fight.
Baño de sol ft Benji 🍃🌞
Put a smile on your face, even when it's harder than ever 🌱
El cielo estaba muy bonito y no me aguanté 🌅
Love yourself no matter what ❤
Broken roots ☇
It's always hard for me to put thoughts into words. There's a thousand different ideas runnig through my mind at the same time, so I never know where to begin or how to write those thoughts down. Most of my life I've struggled with feelings, every day I can go from the top of a mountain to the bottom of the ocean just by talking to someone, seeing something that makes me sad, happy, motivated and even discouraged. It's exhausting...
I'm trying to find the bright side to all of this, I mean, being able to feel everything so deeply must have something good. I am alive, feeling things with every fibre of my being, I just need to accept that and learn from it. These past few days have been harder than I thought, turns out that this amount of thinking and feeling fucks up your body as well. I'll have to say goodbye to a lot of things i'm used to, to a lot of things that became a part of me but also made me a mess... So, it's gonna be hard, but in the end it'll be worth it. I've spent my whole life without living it, it's time to change things up and give it a try, to take this as a chance to grow, to become a better me, to be happier and healthier. We'll see how it goes 🍃
Her eyes and words are so icy, but she burns like rum on the fire.
If my armor breaks, I'll fuse it back together 💪
All I ever wanted was you 🍃
She has blood cold as ice and a heart made of stone.
Son unas ratas! Pero son mis ratas❤ y siempre los voy a querer muchísimo 🐁❤🐁❤ nos vemos en diciembre cuando mejore en Rocket League 😂
Your hand always fitted mine so perfectly 🍃
And all my walls stood tall painted blue, but I took them down and open up the door for you 🌷
I never trust a narcissist, but they love me. So I play 'em like a violin, and I make it look oh-so-easy 👑
I'm meaner than my demons 🍃