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▪️qualified level2gym instructor ▪️qualified PT ▪️qualified metafit coach ▪️qualified 1st aider ▪️fashionblogger 🔻LOVE FITNESS,LOVE FASHION🔻

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Battle ropes 5 sets of 20 waves pain push through
Push through the pain. 💯💥
Mae mae helping @paulajanemc out on her PT burpees & ball slams
Go kiddo 4sets 💯🙌🏻
Plant shoulder tap with 1.5 kg weights followed by 50punches start them young!
Let’s just take a minute an APPRECIATE that mother fucking 🍑 nearly 5 months in the making and it looks this good. Nutrition is 🔑 consistency is 🔑 dedication is 🔑 lifestyle change is 🔑 and this 1 is doing the lot & it’s showing 😍💥🍑
☀️ & 🌑 🙌🏻
I bought a lipsy blazer, mint velvet blazer and pull & bear blazer and got them deaigned my way ✌🏻😝 be different 💚❤️🖤
“The boss” 💥🙌🏻
My sis is better than yours @linseyquelcutti thank u 💚
Bday meal with my sis & bro x
Self love 💕
Let’s do this💪🏼
Love my girl dog walk’s now baking me a birthday cake for tomoz. I 💚 her
Monday Circuit done ✅
Monday workout coming up 💪🏼
Yes it is💥
Fashion is the armour to survive reality of every day.....
I do chav with burbs & gold hoops ✌🏻😝 and Sophisticated 💥