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Happy MLK day fam...
Happy Birthday Love!!!
Happy Creative Sunday...
Heading into a xXx meeting this weekend... Who would you like to see added to the xXx League?
For some reason I always believed that the first place I would perform live musically would be in La Romana at the amphitheater... well a couple of weeks ago that is exactly what happened and it was such a cool and surreal experience.  Remind me to tell you about it. Photo con @nickyjampr minutes after we walked off stage. Haha. All love.
Let the Valiant era begin...
Ray Garrison is a central character in the Valiant Comic Universe... And for me personally, one of the must complex characters I have been fortunate enough to play. Hope to make you proud...
Smile much? Haha...
To my friend Norman Jean Roy, thank you for another amazing photo shoot. Your talent is a blessing. Gracias.
Had the best time celebrating Nina’s 30th this weekend... everyone was such a delight. We collectively wanted to show this little angel how much she means to us...
Happy Birthday Love!
Happy Holidays! Grateful and blessed. 
Happy Holidays!