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There is a smile, that we usually try to suppress when you know something special is coming.  Always opting to play it cool... but the studio is going CRAZY about the first cut of BLOODSHOT! So if you will allow just a slight grin of anticipation... haha. Proud of the work that the whole team has done and continues to do until it’s release. 
Happy Creative!
Thank you for the little angels birthday wishes... You all are Our greater family! 
All love, Always.
Was very honored to receive the Voice of Change award from Maestro Cares... and of course I always love chillin with my brother Marc. 
All love, Always.
Happy Birthday Michael! I am so blessed to have you in my life... All love, Always.
Love seeing your creativity... which character you choose to spotlight and the themes you incorporate. You all are so good at it haha. 
The same mic the Beatles used to Record. Wow. Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You may discover new talents. All love. #abbeyroad
Happy International Women’s Day! 
There are movies... and then there is Fast, every frame is sacred to me. Glad to have partners who feel that same responsibility. Very excited to share the new countries we will be filming in... Blessed and grateful. #JustinLin #London #Fast9
All love...
Never do I come to London without a proper dinner with dad. Sir Michael Caine.
Picture says it all. So much love for this beautiful and incredible, multicultural queen. Tonight we celebrate her 30th birthday here in London! The world is a better place because of you @nathalieemmanuel, and I am blessed to call you my sister. I will love you forever!!!
#Ramsey #Fast9