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#ConsciouslyCraftedBeauty: Cleanly formulated, skin loving, performance-first makeup founded by @GucciWestman

Blush is like an accessory. Match it to your mood and the statement you want to make that day. It’s all about how much color you want to see! 😍 #cleanbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty #cleanmakeup
Perk up with Lit Up! Apply our #highlighter stick to areas that would naturally catch the sunlight - your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, and tear ducts. Then pat into your skin for a luminous look! 🤩 #consciouslycraftedbeauty #cleanbeauty #cleanmakeup
Luxury is knowledge❣️Our ingredient blacklist: parabens, sulfates, PEGs, phthalates, formaldehyde donors, mineral oil, BHA and BHT, hydroquinone, mercury and mercury compounds, retinol, and gluten. #cleanbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty #cleanmakeup #nontoxicmakeup #greenbeauty
Tips for how to use our Vital Skin Foundation as a concealer. Our founder @gucciwestman shows how she does a “spot check”. This creamy formula helps reduce and conceal redness and calm irritation. 💆‍♀️ #cleanbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty
Our collection of creamy foundations, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters take a plants-first 🌿 approach to crafting the perfect canvas: flawless skin 💕 #cleanbeauty #greenbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty
Highlight your natural glow. Our creamy Super Loaded Tinted #Highlighter brings together warmth, radiance, and contour all in one. ☀️ #cleanbeauty #greenbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty
Our Vital Skin foundation feels and looks amazing and does double duty to calm and soothe skin🌟 #cleanbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty
A little Baby Cheeks Blush in #DouDou to add a warm rose color to cheeks and lips🌹Dab onto the apple of your cheek and blend horizontally with your fingers or our Foundation Brush!#consciouslycraftedbeauty #cleanbeauty
Our Beauty Butter #Bronzer is full of plant butters to nourish and to melt into skin and not sit on top. We created these products for all of you busy multitaskers who want luxury, performance, safe ingredients, and an easy application. 💫 #cleanbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty
A quick #contour application with my @westmanatelier contour stick in #facetrace shade #biscuit. The shade is one that I developed a long time ago for other brands, I knew I had a winner, so I kept it for my own brand!
It’s a great cool taupe with the right amount powder in the formula so it won’t be streaky and intimidating to apply.
I typically apply straight from the bullet to the face and then go over with foundation if I need additional blending/ cleaning up. Should feel effortless!
What do you find hard about contouring?!
#consciouslycraftedbeauty #cleanbeauty available at 💕
Truly putting the “artist” in #makeupartist! Mixing and matching to find just the right color for upcoming Westman Atelier products 🎨 What’s your favorite color? #consciouslycraftedbeauty #cleanbeauty
Gucci’s note: Give dry, dull skin a boost with Lit Up #Highlight Stick. An elegant highlighter to make skin appear to be incredibly well hydrated and luminous from within. ✨ #cleanbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty
Our handcrafted Japanese brushes are back in stock! 🎉Designed by our founder @gucciwestman, they are cruelty-free with short, full handles for better control and precision. #cleanbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty
The perfect pop in Poppet. All of the Baby Cheeks #blush shades were specifically crafted to be extremely wearable and act as functional daily choices in your #makeup wardrobe. @gucciwestman recommends dabbing on lips to make them appear a bit fuller! 💕 #cleanbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty
We believe make-up should feel intuitive and not intimidating. Our Vital Skin Foundation Stick is extremely neutralizing, works on calming and restoring redness and inflammation, protects against pollution, supports long term hydration, and is light-weight on your skin! It's make-up that does not simply cover but also works on problem solving. Best of all? NO SILICONES 🎉 In the video, @gucciwestman is using her summer colors Atelier III and IV (she always recommends at least two shades to not look like you are just one tone!). In the winter, she uses Atelier II and III. #cleanbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty 💕
How does @gucciwestman design products that deliver perfectly lit skin? By putting them to the test at home first. “I always [check things out] here because the light is so great,” she says of the main space in her Central Park West apartment. For more Westman Atelier intel, check out @allure‘s March issue #cleanbeauty #consciouslycraftedbeauty
We infused our Vital Skin Foundation Stick with powerful anti-inflammatory plant actives that could calm redness and rosacea flare-ups. “I keep one sitting out because my skin is always surprising me,” Gucci tells @allure in the recent March issue. Also on heavy rotation: Our Beauty Butter Bronzer, Lit Up Highlighter, and Blender Brush. 📸 @alice_gao #consciouslycraftedbeauty #cleanbeauty
A note from our founder @gucciwestman ❤️ “It’s extremely challenging formulating #clean #consciouslycrafted high performing cosmetics, @westmanatelier works with a wonderful team of chemists and we have the most brilliant green chemist on our board who vets all of our ingredient listings and helps with our blacklist and assists with navigating this ever evolving #cleanspace, it’s a new and exciting area, it forces everyone to rethink and relearn. I’m relentless in this mission to achieve the best results with the cleanest, highest amount of natural ingredients possible, always safest for us and the 🌎 As a make up artist being exposed to the most luxurious formulations has set my standards incredibly high, which ads to the complexity!
We customize everything, we want to bridge the gap between natural and luxury and really help heal the skin - I suffer from rosacea which is so frustrating but has been a great catalyst in this mission to create hybrid products that don’t simply color, but correct and calm redness and repair the skin as well as offer long term hydration and protect you against pollution.
It’s challenging but so rewarding when the feedback we receive is so positive!” Available at 💕