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New playground. Same kid from West Philly

3 Generations of Will Smiths.  My father was Will Smith I.  I’m actually Will Smith II (Not Jr.) My father didn’t like the idea of “Jr.” And my son is Will Smith III. His nickname is Trey.  Get It... cause he’s the 3rd. :-)
The key to building a great team is finding people who will tell yo’ ass the truth...
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DAMN... I just realized that All of the people in this vid have been friends of mine for Over 20 Years!! The Smith Family is like The Mob! :-) @officialfawn @sardinhastudio 📹: @westbrook
Whoever created this, Y’all Play Too Much!!
Okay... He got me. But at What Cost?  Every prank has a Clap Back! Stay Tuned
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Just Playin’ Catch wit’ my Kid! 💧 @just
First Day of Shooting tomorrow!  We watched @BadBoys 1 & 2 together over the weekend.  It’s about to be KRAZY! #badboysforlife 📷: @jas
“Dude... This is the shot that made you a F#%k’n Star!” - @michaelbay. @badboys
Willard in Paris #tbt⁣
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Somebody needs to put that on a shirt Immediately!! Look at it Closely.  Very Hot @littlesamsart
Turns out this was @martinlawrence’s office... My Bad, Dawg. @badboys
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Sometimes you gotta teach them youngins how to do it with some swag! 😆 Happy B-Day, @lewishamilton!
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