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Will Smith


New playground. Same kid from West Philly.⁣

Got slimed, so @naomigscott and @menamassoud didn’t have to. You ain’t never had a friend like me! 📹: @westbrook @jonbrandoncruz
WOW! :-) I Love It! Thank you to author @mybrownbaby and illustrator @gladysjoseillustrates for capturing the colors, the style and most importantly the heart of The Fresh Prince.  You have magically transposed it to empower and inspire the next generation. ⁣
The Fresh Princess is available for preorder now! (link in bio). Tag someone who needs this book for the Fresh Princess in their squad.⁣
To celebrate the release, I took four Fresh Princesses from the Debbie Allen Dance Academy to the Kids Choice Awards. These girls are the TRUTH! #freshprincess #kca
Still cleaning slime out of my ears!! 🦠 thank you #KCA!!
Las Chicas del Ayer.  Straight Outta Habana! @willsmithsbucketlist 📹: @westbrook
Florida, I love you but we need to talk... Google the phrase “Florida Man” and Your Birthday... and tell me what you got in the comments!  Btw: This is what happens when you’re shooting at 3am. 📹: @westbrook @aidan
I’ve never done that before.  I still can’t feel my Ass Muscles! 😊  On the real, though... I felt GREAT after.  If you have any aches & pains... an ICE bath will knock them All the Way Out! Link in bio for the full episode of @willsmithsbucketlist. @lairdhamiltonsurf @salmasekela @sardinhastudio 📹: @westbrook
I’m inviting you to come Hang with ME... in MIAMI... on the set of @BadBoys For Life! ⁣
I’m teaming up with @OmazeWorld again on this one to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, so enter at
This was the Hardest Episode of @willsmithsbucketlist Yet!  Streaming Now.  Link in Bio
WOW... This one Hit Me!  Truth on So Many Levels. 📹: @iamcaritas
@JUST Water in AUSTRALIA!!! Congrats, J-Diggy. @justxaustralia
THIS is why I Love Social Media!! Go Get ‘Em, @nopancakestoday! @theellenshow @postmalone
Happy Bday, @queenlatifah!