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•5520 Salon Los Angeles • make up / hair Artist / • Director secretykcorp • Quick fix by Secret YK • Direct Booking:[email protected]

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Glam on @kenzlawren 
Glam by @yanivkatzav 
To get the sexy look we using Quick fix by @secretykcorp Instant facelift
#THMCoverReveal MORAN ATIAS @moranatias | The Essence of My True Self
Discover more @thehedonistmagazine (link in bio) #AvailablePreOrderNOW | #AlsoAvailableDigitallySoon .
project coordinator // Rose Newlands | @handzdirtypr
photography // Valerie Burke @burkephotography
stylist // Amanda Massi @massistyles | Black Jumpsuit - Chiara Boni @chiarabonilapetiterobe | Gold hoop earrings – Outhouse Jewellery @outhousejewellery | Gold Bracelet – Vintage
hair artist // Melissa Hurkman @melissa.hurkman & Sabrina Porsche @sabrina.porsche
makeup artist // Yaniv Katzav @yanivkatzav 
location // Rose Studios LA @rosestudiosla
#MoranAtias #TH #THM #CoverStar #TheVillage #Ava #NBC #TheEssenceofMyTrueSelf #Inspiring #MustRead #PowerfulWoman #TheHedonistMagazine #DiscoverMore
Beautiful @kenzlawren for quick fix by @secretykcorp 
Hair & makeup by @yanivkatzav 
#makeup #glam #instant #facelift #hairstyles #love
Beautiful @kenzlawren for @secretykcorp 
Hair & makeup by @yanivkatzav 
#glam #makeup #Quickfix #instant
The moment @secretykcorp 😍
I want to thank you all for joining me in the launch of my very first product, Quick Fix by @secretykcorp . The love and support I received from each and everyone one of you truly means the world to me and I will continue to cherish it. I hope that my product truly does make you all feel as beautiful and confident as you deserve to be. Thank you for helping me make my dreams come true. 
With much love, 
Thank you so much @sofi_lafleur for beautiful Flowers 🌸 
Thank you so much @ronshabat25  for beautiful balloons 🎈 
Yaniv ❤️ xxx
Beautiful @mayaluzonn  for @secretykcorp 
Hair & makeup by @yanivkatzav
Glow & glam @dashaalexandria always using Quick fix @secretykcorp to achieve the very sexy look 
Hair & makeup by @yanivkatzav
Pink lips no @mayaluzonn 
Hair & makeup by @yanivkatzav 
We are using Quick fix by @secretykcorp 
Pink lips 👄 by @danessa_myricks 
#makeup #hairstyles #love #glam
Glow skin on @jocelynbinder 
Hair & makeup by @yanivkatzav 
Using Quick fix by @secretykcorp 
Glow skin by @patricktabeauty